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Along with 56 carvansaria of Iran

Sarayan carvansaria: one step left towards globalization

With the visit and analysis of UNESCO evaluators, Sarayan Caravanserai in South Khorasan province, being the first work from Sarayan district, went towards globalization.

According to the report of Aria Heritage and according to the public relations of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of South Khorasan, Mohammad Arab, quoted to have said: “After introduction and visits of various experts, plus obtaining the necessary approvals, the final evaluations of this historic carvansarai of Sarayan district was done on 15th Mehr AH by the UNESCO evaluators, for registering it in the UNESCO list of world heritages, and in 1401 AH, this structure will be registered in the UNESCO world heritage list as the first historic structure from Sarayan district.”

Arab continued: “Renovation of Sarayan Caravanserai started in 1389, and the first phase of this project became operational in 1389. At this stage, the building was partially renovated. Then from 1390, the museum’s first phase was completed (fire alarm, video monitoring system, Lighting system, etc.) and the second phase of the museum was launched. Also, the building of the cultural heritage office of Sarayan district was moved to part of this structure, which then became the office of the Eco-tourism Department and the external booths were made available handicraftsmen.

He pointed out: “During these past years, flooring and walling of the passage in front of the caravanserai, landscaping behind the water reservoir, the restoration of the interior of Meysam Bazaar booths, complete restoration of the bath, restoration of Meysam Bazaar facade, etc. were done. And the construction of a district park in the area in front of the caravanserai is being implemented with the funds of the urban reconstruction headquarters and the participation of cultural heritage, tourism, handicrafts, municipality, and roads, and urban planning.”

He added: “Sarayan city historical complex, Seh Qala city historical complex, Ayask city reservoirs, the beautiful desert of Behesht astronomers and deserters, Sarayan city reservoirs, Baton cave, Darekolgi and Dotagi waterfalls located in Sabzerood region, Karimo and Mosabi tourism region and villages in the north of the city, Kal Zoo and Zabar tourist area are some of the attractive historical and natural monuments of Sarayan district.”

Arab added: “Sarayan caravanserai together with Ab Anbar, mosque, bath, and bazaar form a historical complex. It is built according to the style of two porches, and its architectural spaces are the entrance, porch, courtyard, porches, and numerous rooms. This structure has been registered in the list of national monuments with the number 8733.”

The Head of the Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Sarayan district said: “Iranian carvansarias, like Iranian houses, Iranian gardens, Iranian qanats (aqueduct) and Iranian towers, are very unique features that, besides their special architectural value, are also of high value in terms of social, cultural and structural interactions. What are as important as their structure, are their socio-cultural role in different periods of time, and in the span of these past thousands of years have preserved their Iranian architectural values, together with the social cultures.”

Arab reminded that the historic area of Sarayan city, including carvansaria, water reservoir, bath, bazaar and mosque comprise a collection of historic structures and are at the same time center of a lively urban neighborhood that still maintains its social status and is the most vital point of the city and people have great interactions with this area.

Sarayan city has 286 historic, natural and intellectual sites, of which 63 have been registered in the list of national monuments of Iran.

Also, on Mehr 15, 1400, the Deputy Minister of Heritage, Culture, Culture, Tourism, and Handicrafts of Kerman Province announced the presence of UNESCO evaluators to review the case of two caravanserais in the province for world registration.

According to IRNA, and quoting the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Kerman Province, Mojtaba Shafiei added: “UNESCO evaluators have traveled to this province to investigate two cases of Chahtooran Ravar Caravanserai and Ganjali Khan Caravanserai in Kerman, which date back to the Qajar and Safavid periods, respectively.”

He added: “These two caravanserais of Kerman province, along with 56 other caravanserais across the country, are in the process of being considered by UNESCO for world registration, and if approved, these files will be presented to the UNESCO General Assembly in the summer of 1401 for final approval.”

Deputy Head of Cultural Heritage, General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Kerman province stated: “Kerman Province currently has 7 world registered monuments, thus having first rank in the country, in this field.  We hope to maintain this rank by registered these additional two monuments.”

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