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Shahpour Lohrasbi; the Zoroastrian marriage registrar, passed away

Shahpour Soroush Lohrasbi, the registrar of Zoroastrians in Tehran, has passed away.

Shahpour Lohrasbi passed away in Ram Izad day in the Zoroastrian calendar, which equals the 15th of Mehr, 1400, at 94. For more than 40 years, he worked in marriage office No. 43 in Tehran with the late mobed Rostam Shahzadi and then under the supervision of mobed Mehraban Firoozgari, the current Registrar of Zoroastrian Marriages in Tehran.

Shahpour, the son of late Soroush and Keshvar, was born in 1306 in the Qasemabad neighborhood of Yazd. He had his primary education in Yazd, and continued his high school education in Tehran. He learned to play the violin at night classes with Dr. Iraj Zare and then went to the Conservatory of Music to get a degree. In Zoroastrians’ joyous celebrations he performed together with Dr Iraj and Dr Farhang Zare. When he returned to Yazd he was employed in the Educational Department of Yazd province and taught violin to school students. He came back to Tehran in 1366 and got married to Mahin Manouchehr Lohrasb, and they have two children named Farzad and Farnaz. He initially worked for Daru Pakhsh Pharmaceutical Company. After that, he worked for some time in Yeganegi library and then he cooperated with the Zoroastrian Association of Tehran.

“Amordad” prays for his soul, and wishes health and long life for his family.

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