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Mehregan was celebrated in France

The Zoroastrian Cultural Heritage Association in France hosted the Mehregan celebration in the late afternoon during the day of Mehr and the month of Mehr with a large group of Iranians and Iran’s lovers.

Zoroastrians and Iran lovers living in France, celebrated Mehregan on October 2, 2021, equal to Mehr 10, 1400. Kourosh Niknam, a member of the Zoroastrian Cultural Heritage Association in France, welcomed the guests before the meeting. He then referred to the establishment and philosophy of the Mehregan celebration in the past. Kourosh Niknam emphasized that there is a need for a celebration like Mehregan in Iran and abroad. The Mehregan table was spread in this celebration. In this program, which was held indoors in order to reduce the coronavirus restrictions, guests were able to attend the program in case of having vaccine card, without wearing mask.  The purpose of this program was to acquaint Iran’s cultural lovers with the history of Iranian heritage.

The celebration continued with singing and dancing. Also, the residents were served Iranian food. The Zoroastrian Cultural Heritage Association in France, which has been active since the spring of this year, is directed by Mobed Kourosh Niknam. Ashkan Khosrowpour is the secretary of this association, and Mona Kara is its cashier. Pedram Niknam and Bijan Kiani are also members of the board.

The group’s Instagram page describes the responsibilities of the Zoroastrian Cultural Heritage Association, which are protecting the valuable cultural heritage of its ancestors, including research in ancient Iranian culture, legends, beliefs, customs, music, dialect and various arts. In the same context, proposals and/or cooperation of all Iranians and researchers in the fields of culture, art, archeology, music, anthropology, history and geography are welcome.

Photos by Ashkan


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