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Virtual exhibition of Naser Eddin Shah’s paintings in Golestan Palace

Some of Naser Eddin Shah’s paintings and sketches with marginalia for each work were unveiled in a virtual exhibition at the Golestan World Palace.

According to ISNA, 13 selected works of Naser Eddin Shah have been exhibited virtually in the world-registered indoor pool area of Golestan Palace. Some of these are being displayed for the first time.

Most of them are black and white drawings and the rest are oil and watercolor paintings. Portraits of courtiers, harem women, hunting, and nature are among the sketches left behind by Naser Eddin Shah. Apart from the art and talent of this Qajar king, the special feature of these images is the border sketches and his handwriting in the corner of each of his works, giving a summary of the conditions of the design, its history, and geographic location. For example, in the margin of a painting of one of the court servants, it is written in Nasser Eddin Shah’s handwriting that the sketch was drawn in 5 minutes, which tells about the speed at which he drew.

In the exhibited collection, two of the oil paintings belong to the last years of Naser Eddin Shah, one of which is unfinished, and a short script can be seen at the bottom, reading as follows: “This painting was done by the hands of the great king in 1313 AH and has remained unfinished.” In the same year, Naser Eddin Shah was assassinated.

Hosseinpour, the overseer of Golestan Palace’s museums, and an expert himself explained: “This exhibition is part of the remnants of the art of Naser Eddin Shah.” Qajar’s Shah had other works, such as paintings, poems, and memorabilia from travels in France kept in this collection’s repositories. All of these works will be exhibited after the pandemic.

Afarin Emami, the director of Golestan Palace World Heritage Collection, also talked about this exhibition, stating that a never-before-seen collection of Naseri paintings has been displayed virtually for the first time: “Naser Eddin Shah, who tested his artistic talents in various arts, was also interested in painting and drawing, both, during his governorship in Tabriz, and after he moved to the capital, Tehran, and took reign in Golestan Palace.”

According to her, Naser Eddin Shah was one of the students of Mirza Hassan Sani Al Mulk Ghaffari’s students. With his royal taste and an iron pen and black ink, he painted the faces of courtiers’ Harem women and wrote a sentence or a poem on the sidelines. The style of Naser Eddin Shah’s paintings, like that of his master, was based on naturalism. By mentioning all but one of them, he depicted all-natural landscapes as he saw them, and like his master, he has a modern look. He is influenced by European culture, and he has tried, by copying his master, to connect his works to ancient Iranian paintings by copying his master.

The virtual exhibition of Naseri paintings can be seen from the official Instagram page of the Golestan Palace World Heritage Collection @golestanpalace.

The work was first exhibited for six months at the “Empire of the Rose” exhibition at the Louvre Museum in Lance, France.

Naser Eddin Shah’s drawings of his teacher, Sani Al Mulk

The marginalia of the previous painting, the handwriting of Naser Eddin Shah

Unfinished painting by Naser Eddin Shah, oil painting

A portrait of one of the court servants

One of the women of the Qajar court, by Naser Eddin Shah


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