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Shushtar was named the Paragon City of Iran

In the first selection event of the Paragon City of Iran, which was held by the international-specialized publication 2A, the city of Shushtar, along with Yazd and Masouleh, won the title of “complete city” of Iran.

Mohammad Reza Bahadori, Director of Shushtar World Heritage Site, said: “The international specialized journal 2A, active in the field of architecture and construction. In its first event of introducing paragon cities, and their latent and potential capacities in the context of historical heritage, urban restoration architecture, renovations”, and Shushtar was honored with the title: “Paragon City”.

Bahadori continued: “In this great event, which was held in the presence of national and international personalities in the field of architecture and urban planning, in the international conference Center of the National Archives and Library of Tehran, Shushtar, next to Yazd and Masouleh, won the title of perfect city “Paragon City”.

Regarding the title of “Paragon City,” the director of Shushtar World Heritage Site said that this title is a very important sign: “When a city receives this title, it will be introduced in the national and global dimension in the specialized community of architecture and urban planning and international interactions. This title can also be used in step-sister connections and other similar cases.”

He pointed out: “Paragon city is a big and modern city in which its past history is linked to its livelihood and present-day energy, and added: “in such a city, architecture, public space, sustainability, social justice, transportation along with other dimensions and the characteristics of urban life go hand in hand and create an atmosphere that responds to all the problems and issues of the city and its inhabitants.

Bahadori added: “The purpose of introducing a perfect city is to create an incentive for improving cities’ situation and standards. Eligible cities will be introduced at a global level and on the other hand, this will have a significant impact on their branding and development.”

He stated: “Such an event, in the long run, will lead to competition between cities to achieve the title of paragon city, by improving their conditions in various urban dimensions; and on the other hand, by studying the characteristics of candidate cities, it will be possible to find models for solving the problems of similar cities.”

The Shushtar world heritage site director emphasized: “The museum city is a city whose spaces and buildings have preserved their historical and cultural buildings, and the space around them, in which, besides the opportunity for cultural heritage tourism, it is possible to be able to use such urban spaces for experiencing social activities.

He named type of culture and the presence of special cultures, the existence of historical elements, quality public spaces, safety and security, easy access (diverse transport system that gives full coverage in the city), quality climate (low pollutant levels), sufficient facilities and services for tourists, the existence of unique skeletal quality, existence of special ecosystems and natural elements, as the criteria for selection of a paragon city, and added: “Magazine 2A introduces a paragon city in the context of “Council for urban transaction”, or a center for studying urban development and balanced life style.”

Bahadori added: “The goal of introducing such a concept is to take a step towards creating an acceptable environment for residents around the world. In line with this approach, a framework has been established that helps urban development experts to use space as a resource for development, together with attracting investors along the way, in order to realize their vision.”

He expressed hope that the national and provincial authorities, with a special focus on Shushtar, would help us introduce this city’s unique capabilities.


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