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Unveiling of a special stamp allocated to Marker

The first special stamp of Yazd Zoroastrian Association was unveiled on occasion of Marker’s birthday.

Following the decision of the cultural commission of the Yazd Zoroastrian Association to commemorate the renowned personages of the Zoroastrian community and to preserve their names, an order was put to the post office to print a special stamp with an exclusive design, and in a ceremony on the birthday or death anniversary of these personages, that special stamp will unveiled. Thus, a valuable collection of stamps in the names of our cultural and historical characters will be kept in the Yazd Zoroastrian Association. The first such stamp has been printed on the 150th birthday of the philanthropist, Pashutan ji Marker. The unveiling ceremony of the stamp was held in the open space of the association on Wednesday, Aban 19, 1400, in presence of the members of the board of directors of the Yazd Zoroastrian Association.

As part of the ceremony, Sepanta Niknam, president of the Zoroastrian Association of Yazd, spoke about the high status of Sushyants and profiteers and mentioned Markar as one of the Zoroastrian Sushyants, whose works are the symbol and identity of the historic city of Yazd. Then, an exclusive stamp was unveiled by Sohrab Firoozfard, a member of the board of directors of the Zoroastrian Association of Yazd. Then each of the board members wrote a sentence in memory of Nekounam Pashtun J. Markar on the board.

Pashutanji Dosabai Marker was born on Aban 18, 1250, in a Parsi family in India. This Parsi merchant dedicated his property to establishing welfare and educational facilities for Zoroastrians of Iran and Iranians in general, in a spirit of benevolence and goodness. The character of Marker for the people of Yazd is a symbol of constructiveness and productivity that has shown on the face of the historic city of Yazd since ancient times.

Photos by Kousha Jamshidi Kalantari

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