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Reconstruction of Khosravi Hall

Reconstruction and optimization of Khosravi Hall and Bahman Hall, the two reception and celebration hall of the Reception Organization, affiliated to Tehran Zoroastrian Association, was completed by obtaining quality operational improvement.

The infrastructure of Khosravi Hall needed fundamental reconstruction and alterations, and the Hall’s closure due to the COVID lockdown, provided an opportunity to have a thorough checking of the electricity, plumbing and pipeline systems. After completion of reconstruction and tending to the necessary changes, and final cleaning up, the reception hall gained the quality level for holding parties and celebrations by fellow Zoroastrians. Rostam Khorramdin, head of the group running the reception halls of the Zoroastrian Association gave an explanation about reconstruction of Khosravi Hall: “After completing reconstruction of Iraj Hall, it was decided to replace and update the electrical system of Khosravi Hall, which was very old and needed repair.  In this regard, a 3-phase vertical electric panel was designed and installed. The cost of this project was borne by the benevolent children of the late Esfandiar Pourrostami and Simindokht Kiyani Zeinabad. Rostam Zandian did the electrical work, including wiring replacement and installations.

As part of reconstruction, for the guests’ easy access, additional washrooms have been added to the toilet system of the hall.  In this regarding rostam Khorramdin said: “Guests were always complaining about lack of sufficient washrooms. After reviewing the interior design, we found that it was possible to increase the number of washrooms. By relocating the walls, four washrooms for men and four for ladies was built in.

He listed other reconstruction and improvement works as follows:

  • Replacing and reinforcing the light and sound electric panel
  • Complete replacement of plumbing, toilet water, and sewer on the kitchen ceiling
  • Complete renovation of the kitchen ceiling
  • Replacing the wallpaper of Bahman Hall
  • Painting of the entrance door of Khosravi Hall
  • The use of pipe ducts to cover pipes and surface wiring of gas coolers in order to protect them from possible damage
  • Washing and cleaning the ceiling lampshades in the middle of Khosravi Hall ceiling
  • Thorough cleaning of the reception hall interior
  • Complete washing of dishes and utensils
  • Cleaning after reconstruction

The Zoroastrian Association of Tehran has paid cost of the mention items.

The reception halls of the Tehran Zoroastrian Association: Iraj, Khosravi and Bahman Halls

Khosravi reception and celebrations hall

Washing the frames and decorative lights of the hall ceiling

Changing wall paper of bahman reception hall

Rostam Khorramdin, member of the services commission of tehran Zoroastrian Association and head of the project for reconstruction of Khosravi Hall

Kitchen renovation and washing of all dishes

Renovation of the kitchen elevator

kitchen of the reception hall

Manuchehr Foroudi, a staff of the Association explaining the repair of the kitchen piping system

Rostam Zandian, electrician, reconstruction of the electrical panel system and wiring

Reconstruction of sewer pipes in the kitchen ceiling

Reconstruction of men’s and ladies’ washrooms

Photos by Homayoun Mehrzad


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