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Introducing Dr. Afshin Yazdani as a successful manager in Radio Javan

Translated by Shabboo Goli

Dr Afshin Yazdani was introduced in the “Salam javane Irani” program of the Iranian Radio Javan network, as a young and successful director.

With an incentive-creating approach, the morning program of Salam Javan Irani, of Radio Javan network, introduces young managers who have built their future successfully and competently through their own perseverance and endurance of difficulties. The latest “Salam Javan” program was allocated to introducing Dr Afshin Yazdani. This successful young Zoroastrian has a doctorate in organic chemistry, is a university professor, and is a consultant professor for masters and doctoral students. He is the author of more than 40 international articles indexed on the ISI database that more than ten countries have cited.

For two consecutive years, in 1395 and 1296, he was introduced as the top researcher in Yazd province by the Young Researchers and Elites Club and the National Elite Foundation. He currently serves as the General Manager of a large food complex. He is also the director of the applied science center affiliated to this food complex. In addition to these scientific and managerial abilities, Dr. Yazdani has participated professionally in basketball for many years and has a history in the country’s leagues; he has accompanied the national student team in 1387 and 1388. Now that he has been introduced as a young manager, his message to all young people is that will, perseverance, and practice are necessary tools for progress, but not enough. From the point of view of this proud young man, to achieve victory in life, always remembering God and thanking his parents is a sufficient condition for success.

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