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Following the Ardakangram tourism event;

The statue of the Zoroastrian lady was unveiled

Translated by Shabboo Goli

Following the Ardakangram tourism event, the statue of “Mehrbanoo,” symbol of a Zoroastrian lady, was unveiled, as one of the tokens of this trip.

Samira Fallah, tour guide and tour operational director, and also creator of this statue, stated: “The statue of Mehrbanoo is a small token from this trip and a symbol of the culture of Yazd province, especially the Zoroastrian localities of Iran.”

She added: “Apart from the 12 cm statue of Mehrbanoo, a statue of a well digger will also be created, in future, as a symbol and token of our Ardakan trip.”

Samira Fallah stated: “considering that tourists and travelers who travel to Ardakan get to know and talk to the Zoroastrians of this city and its surroundings, I decided to make a statue of a Zoroastrian woman and put it on the order of mass production.”

She added: “The material of this statue is polyethylene, and the pomegranate container in Mehrabanoo’s hand is reminiscent of the Pomegranate Festival in Zoroastrian cities and villages.” Fallah reminded: “for the background of this statue, the climatic symbol that is the origin of this guide is used so that this guide reflects the coverage, culture, and geography of the region.”

She also talked about the reasons for the importance of such statues: “statues are not only a way of travel but also show the identity and culture of the people of that region and play a significant role in culture and anthropology, especially for children and adolescents.”

She highlighted: “making popular examples of cultural symbols of each climate is also underway to make a package of lifestyle and customs as a cultural collection and recognize the region’s popular culture. Also, Samira Fallah made statues of men and women of South of Iran, Kurds, Bakhtiari, and followed the construction of other examples of Iranian tribes.”

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