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Hashem Razi, expert in ancient Iran’s history, passed away

Translated by Shabboo Goli

Hashem Razi, writer, scholar and translator of ancient history passed away at the age of 87.

Bukhara magazine gave out this news: “This scholar and author of the history of the world and Iranian religions passed away this morning (Monday, Bahman 18, 1400) after a period of illness.”

Hashem Razi was born on July 17, 1934, in Tehran. He studied in Tehran. As recommended by Mohammad Taghi Mostafaie to his grandfather, he learned the French language. Then, he also learned English and german. He was interested in books on archeology and the religion of Zoroaster and Nietzsche. Through the owner of Tahuri bookstore he came to know Mohammad Mokri and gained access to his library.

“The Five Great Religions of the World” was one of the books he wrote at the beginning. He then translated Vandidad from its original text.  He studied ancient languages next to Jalali Naini in order to get acquainted with Avestan and sanskrit vocabulary.

He was in touch with several Iranologists, namely, Mohammad Javad Mashkour, Rahim Afifi, and Mahyar Navabi. At the recommendation of Mehrdad Bahar, he translated the book “Origins of Mithraic Mysteries” by Franz Cumont, which has been published in two volumes by Behjat Publications.

“Hekmat Khosravani,” “Avesta,” “religious of Mehr,” “Vendidad,” “Chronology of Ancient Iranian Celebrations,” “Zurvanism,” “Iranian Religion and Culture in the Avestan Era,” “Holy Marriage,” “Zoroastrian History,” “Celebrations of Water,” “Celebrations of Fire,” “Occasional Celebrations,” “Mysterious Rite and Mithraic Mysteries,” “Resurrection and the Hereafter in Ancient Iran,” “Zarathustra, the Prophet of Ancient Iran,” “History of Studies of Iranian Religions” and ” Teaching cuneiform” are among his books.

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