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Esfandiar Esteghamat, our pioneer pediatrician, passed away

Translated by Shabboo Goli

Dr Esfandiar Esteghamat, a pioneer pediatrician, passed away on 3rd of Esfand. The funeral of Dr. Esfandiar Esteghamat was held on the 4th of Esfand, 1400 AH.

Dr. Esfandiar Esteghamat, son of Parigol and Keykhosrow, was born on May 6, 1931, in Yazd. He was a medical student at the University of Tehran, and after finishing his internship in Sirjan, he spent five years studying in the United States and specializing in pediatrics. After receiving medical specialty and returning to Iran, he was invited to cooperate in Yeganegi Clinic and honorably treated patients in this clinic for one year.

He spend 30 years in Firoozgar Hospital and several years in Iranshahr Hospital, treating children and restoring their health and thus bringing back peace to their families. Several generations of those days’ children remember the kind face of Dr Esteghamat. He was a benevolent physician who would treat children who lacked good financial background, almost free of charge. In 1393 (2014) he retired as physician. His wife’s name is Morvarid Mehraban Maneshni, and his sons are Keykhosrow and Kamran.

Amordad extends its heartfelt feelings to the family of Dr Esteghamat and wishes them health and a long life.

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