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Establishment of museum of manuscripts initiated by Mobed Pouladi

Translated by Shabboo Goli

The Museum of Documents and Manuscripts was inaugurated in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage at the ancestral house of Mehraban Pouladi.

The Museum of Documents and Manuscripts in Yazd has been set up by the efforts of mobed Pouladi, by collecting more than 12,000 copies of documents such as various manuscripts and books of the Old Avesta, manuscripts and letters of allegiance, and other old letters. Mobed Mehraban Pouladi, Ph.D. of ancient culture and languages, has exhibited these valuable documents and manuscripts in the historical house of his ancestor.

According to the social group of Tasnim news agency, Ali Asghar Shalbafian and a group of officials were present at the opening ceremony of the Yazd Museum of Documents and Manuscripts. In this museum, valuable manuscripts and documents, including historical and financial records, personal letters, old coins and banknotes, stamps, and more than hundreds of manuscripts of Avesta, Vendidad, Yasna, Vaj Yasht, Gahanbar, small Avesta have been collected and displayed.

This museum was set up in one of the Zoroastrian neighborhoods of Yazd, located on Basij Boulevard, near the water reservoir of Rostam Giv, in the historical house of one of the priests of the Zoroastrian religion and one of the influential people of the Qajar period, started and completed in the traditional and old style.

The Yazd Museum of documents and manuscripts is open to the publish from 9 am to 7 pm, and on Nowrooz holidays, its open in the morning and afternoon, due to Nowrooz celebrations being held in the museum.

Visiting this museum can draw many people who are interested in reviving handwritings, and doing research in this field. It has also helped visitors to get familiar with their ancestors’ customs, traditions and culture, through the recorded images.

Establishing specialized museums in the globally registered city of Yazd can effectively raise its quality level and achieve the global goals of this city, and also open the way for interested researchers and scholars in this field.

The following is a video report of the opening ceremony of the Museum of Documents and Manuscripts, which was held on the day of Farvardin Izad and the month of Esfand in the Zoroastrian calendar, Friday, 17th of Esfand, 1400 solar year:

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