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National registration of: 1) The technique of weaving tir-o-baud bracelet, and 2) the atashbam (lighting fire on rooftops) ceremony

Translated by Shabboo Goli

The skill of weaving tir-o-baud bracelet and its related customs in the celebrations of Tirgan, and also the ceremony of atashbam and panjeh, along with 16 other ceremonies from Yazd province, have been registered in the national list of intangible cultural heritage.

These 18 cases have been registered in the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage on Azar 1, 1400. According to Aria Heritage News Agency, Ali Darabi, Deputy Minister and Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage announced the registration of 18 national customs in the national list of intangible cultural heritage to Yazd governor, Mr Mehran Fatemi. These works are as follows:

Mat waving of Bafgh, No. 2452

Skill of cooking black lentil broth, No. 2453

Skill for preparing the ceremonial Abu dardad soup, No. 2454

Skills of baking Komach bread, No. 2455

Baroono ash (soup) ceremony (praying for rain), No. 2457

Skill for cooking meat komach (meat pie), No. 2458

The ceremony of cooking bibi seshanbeh (Tuesday) ash (soup), No. 2459

Skill for preparing gormeh sabzi (herbal stew), No. 2460

Skill for baking sweet Qotab, No. 2461

Tablecloth weaving skills and related ceremonies, No. 2462

Skills of cooking Alaf Kaddi soup, No. 2463

Abarkooh Changal baking skill, No. 2464

Skills for preparing Razqou, No. 2465

Sheshe Ceremonies, No. 2466

The skill of weaving of Tirobad bracelet and its related customs in the Tirgan celebration, No. 2467

Zoroastrian ceremony of lighting fire on the rooftop (tashban) and the related panjeh, No. 2468

Ceremony raising Hosseinieh Charkhab Ardakan, No. 2469

Nazar Gereftan in Bafgh, No. 2470

In addition, during the tenure of Ali Asghar Mounesan, the former Minister of Cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts, a similar letter was addressed to the then governor of Yazd, in which the intangible cultural heritage entitled “pomegranate festival” and its related ceremony under No. 2301 was included in the list of intangible heritage and registered on 11/28/1399 (2020).

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