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Mantra Khosraviani achieves the first place in narration competitions

Translated by Shabboo Goli

Mantra Khosraviani, a student of Giv Elementary School, won the first place in the narration competitions in Tehran’s Education district 6.

Mantra Khosraviani won first place in the narration section of the cultural/sports competition in the academic year 1400-1401, in education district 6, Tehran. She is a member of the Zoroastrian narration/Shahnameh narrating group in Iran, under the supervision of Mobedyar Pariya Mavandi, and has learned narration and Shahnameh narration under her supervision. This Zoroastrian artist is studying in the sixth grade of Giv primary school.

From the creative background of Mantra Khosraviani, we can mention her winning the second place in the play reading group of Gio Elementary School under the tutelage of Mubdiar Priya Mavandi in the performing arts competition of the 37th cultural and artistic competitions. She is also the third place holder in the narration section of Region 6 Naqqali competitions in 2018.


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