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Kerman Zoroastrian women crochet group visits Vaziri museum & garden

Translated by Shabboo Goli

Kerman Zoroastrian women’s crochet group visited the garden of Vaziri Museum of this city, on Sunday, April 17, 2022. At the beginning of Firoozabad Street in Kerman and in the neighborhood where most Zoroastrians lived, there is an old house with unique architecture, famous as Vaziri House. This historical monument has decorations connected to the pre-Islamic architecture and has Kermani roots. We saw signs and symbols in this historical house specific to Kerman and was made by local masters. There are beautiful pieces of plasterwork in this house, belonging to Kerman province, and with Safavid and Qajar roots. This unique style of plasterwork can be seen only in the mansion of Shah Nemadtollah, in the historic Shotor Galu mansion, and also in historic houses of Kerman, reminiscent of the Qajar period.

The following is a picture of the museum’s artifacts, visited by the Zoroastrian crochet group of Kerman.

Photos by Mahnoosh Farahmand

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