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Introduction to the 27th secretary of the Zoroastrian Student Association

Behrad Sotoudian: We seek the best decision and performance

They have been working hand in hand for more than half a century, and each has planned his/her part to be a true member of the Association. Yesterdays turned into tomorrows. The new students soon were called old students, and a group was keep to become members. 26 rounds have been completed and as the secretary of the 27th round, he has accepted the responsibility of running this center. Behrad sotoudian is a student who joined the Association three years ago and has been elected as the secretary of the Zoroastrian Students Association in the 27th round election. The 27th secretary is talking about the immediate future and the advancement of the goals of this Zoroastrian institution.

Behrad Sotoudian is son of Mehrnaz Biabani and Bahman Sotoudian, born in Tehran on December 20, 2000. He has completed all three periods of schooling in Zoroastrian schools. He is currently in his third year of mechanical engineering at the University of Science and Research and has been the elected secretary of 27 Zoroastrian student associations for two years.

sotoudian spoke about his experience of teamwork: “I was not really familiar with the /zoroastrian Student Association until I got accepted in the university. When I first entered this Center, I noticed people with special experiences and unique skills; people who came her to share their experiences and skills with others and also learn from others. For three periods, I was member of the organizing team of the nationwide Zoroastrian scientific conference for three periods, all over the country, and I mostly worked with the educational council of the center.

The secretary of the 27th cycle has taken up this responsibility under circumstances created by the corona epidemic. “Given the decline in the coronavirus and the reopening of universities, we plan to hold the programs in person, as in previous years,” he said. Having programs after the epidemic is a challenge, and we must strive to make the best decision and have the best performance. We plan to make small but significant changes to our plans over the next two years. Following the widespread epidemic of the coronavirus, the center’s programs underwent substantial changes and went virtual. After this global epidemic has subsided, it is possible to hold the center’s programs again in person, but it will certainly not be the same as before. Programs need to become more efficient and updated over time.

The Zoroastrian students association operates within 8 committees, namely the Education Council, the Religious Council, the Public Relations Council, the Labor and Economy Council, the Culture and Literature Council, the Relief Council, the Sports Council, and the Arts Council. Each of these councils has its members and a liaison responsible for the liaison between the council and the board of directors of the association. In the three years that Behrad sotoudian has been member, he has gained more experience in holding scientific conferences and in the education committee. He describes the role of the committees in advancing the Association’s goals: “In my view, these committees can develop the hidden skills of the members and train them in new skills. Each committee has its different scopes, and a student can benefit from these committees to progress in different aspects of his life.

Each committee finds its meaning and its power from each member of the Association. Each of the committees creates a platform to plan for organizing a program, discussing day-to-day concerns of the committee, and for students to make the best decisions and choices.

That not only exhibits the corporation between the members of this student center, but also is a criterion to measure the community’s extent of unity. Sotoudian talks about his personal evaluation of the performance of the important conferences on religion, culture, art, sports and science: “Every program of this Association, including the various conferences on religion, culture, science, etc., have been held for achieving worthwhile goals and for addressing the needs of the Zoroastrian community, and with direct cooperation of the members. However, with view to the fact that this Association is a place for progress, experience and implementing new ideas, therefore there is always a scope for expanding the goals of these programs; and for evaluation of each of them many factors are created.

Conclusion: I hope we all take the right step towards the progress of the Zoroastrian community to have a more compassionate, joyful and united society.



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