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Corona Virus Pandemic

Donation offered for medical help by overseas Zoroastrians for the Iranian people of Yazd

The Zoroastrian anjuman of Yazd received the second batch of medicines and medical equipment from overseas Zoroastrians for helping the coronavirus patients and gave it to the university medical science of Yazd.

Spenta Niknam the Head of the Zoroastrian Anjuman of Yazd  on 13th Farvardin 1399 Khorshidi year received the second batch of the medicines and medical equipment given as a donation on humanitarian basis by overseas Zoroastrians  with the presence of Dr.Mohd Reza Wafayinasab (assistant of university treatment section), Dr. Mohd Reza Dehghani (assistant of Hygiene section of University), Dr. Ali Dehghani(assistant of culture and student affairs) and Mr. Ebrahim salmani Nudushan (manager of  Public Relations of the university) and speaker of prevention and confrontation of corona center in Yazd which was delivered to the  university of medical sciences and health service department of Yazd.

A group of Zoroastrians from America, India, England, Russia, Singapore cooperated in the  collection, purchasing, provision , and sending the  medicines and medical equipment for helping the coronavirus affected patients.

The Benevolent helpers are as follows:

  • Cyrus.s. Poonawalla ( managing director of Poonawalla group and his team at the serum institute of India, Dr. Dhere and Dr.Dureja
  • Yousef Hamied from Sipla company and his team specially Mr. Jaiswal from sipla company of India and Lord Karan Bilimoria from London
  • Giv Irani Head of Zoroastrian anjuman of Bombay and member anjumans
  • Homi Gandhi Head of Fezana Anjuman and his coworkers in America
  • Shenaz Cama Head of ParZor affiliated to UNESCO and her coworkers
  • Homa Zarthoshti from America and Zarthoshti Brothers Foundation through Mr.Dorab Mistry from Singapore
  • Melkom Deboo Head of ZTFE from London
  • Mrs Shahin Bekhradnia from WZO London
  • Darayus . Motiwala Head of WZO London
  • Sanaya Nariman
  • Anosh Kelawala
  • Armity Desai
  • Dadi Pudamjee
  • Perin Pudamaji Coyaji
  • Darius Khambatta
  • Delzine Wankadia
  • Dinyar Patel
  • R. Sopariwala
  • Ervad Jal Birdy
  • Amrolia
  • Jehangir Cama
  • P. Mehta
  • Pervin Jehangir
  • Roshan and Rohintan Revanta
  • Shernaz and Farahan Lala
  • Shireen Sethna Baria
  • Yasmin and Jamshed Gadiali
  • Yezad Kapadia
  • Kersi shroff
  • Antowan Zykv
  • Sarvar Khambatta Chand
  • Rajiv Kumar from medical lucknow shop Delhi
  • Ali Changi ambassador of Iranian consulate in Delhi
  • Rezvani and Mr.Ali Asghar Mughari from Iranian consulate of Delhi
  • Mohammad Hekmat


بخش دوم کمک‌های جامعه زرتشتیان خارج از کشور سه‌شنبه 13 فروردین‌ماه 1399 خورشیدی به دانشگاه علوم پزشکی یزد تحویل داده شد


 The pictures are received from Zoroastrian anjuman of yazd.


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