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Availability of Iranian Food/ Cuisine Atlas

Availability of Iranian Food/ Cuisine Atlas

Iranian cuisines with vast varieties are not only in tune with different likings/tastes but also have curing properties important for health which are not known to the world. At this moment the Head of the national office of cooperation and conformity of national tourism in an online meeting with all the offices of cultural heritage, tourism and handicraft provincial offices nation wide has announced the official working of the “national committee for food tourism” and has discussed the different angles regarding structural planning and the result of this activity.

According to ILNA report, with reference to the video conference with main provincial office about the introduction and starting the work of national committee of food tourism Laila Ajdari head of the cooperation and conformity office of national tourism said that: Food Tourism is one of the various Tourisms which can provide different varieties to the tourism achievements of our country (Iran), this work can  identify many varieties of native food and drinks which can be attractive products for Iranian and foreign tourists. She said that the topic of starting the national committee of food tourism was because of the recommendation of the main office of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicraft office of Esfahan province. Some of the actions taken in this regard are as follows: Study of Food Tourism of other countries, holding meetings with food tourism experts and acquiring their experiences, holding meetings with companies that are related with food , having meetings with certain universities for writing the strategy and planning in this regard and supporting them, bringing into accordance the transport agencies for planning  and suggesting a professional food tourist trip and also coordinating and planning with ecotourism societies for presenting the Iranian food along with the principles, steps and  which take place for making the food and introducing the rituals related to that food.

Ajdari also said that the Iranian Food Atlas is one of the most important programs which the national committee for Food Tourism has planned. Regarding this fact she said that the 2nd phase for launching the Iranian Food Atlas has started which includes a vast culture of food/cuisines and varieties of Iranian drinks, their recipes, nutritional benefits and their harmony with the vast geographical characteristics of Iran. Television shows, food startups along with the registration of Intangible Heritage and bringing into action the Food tourism Tours are some of the short term programs of this committee.

The Head of the National office of cooperation and conformity of national tourism also pointed out that many tourists like the experience of seeing and tasting the different food/cuisines of different countries and cities and through understanding their cultural taste, they get to know and understand d their feelings and their traditional knowledge. Iranian food/cuisines are a part of the authenticity of the Iranian people which has shaped through their social, cultural and economical aspects which takes place among themselves and in their communities and are identified and kept alive.

Traditional cooking of Iranian cuisines/food in every area and spreading the culture of native food nationally and internationally is the passion behind the Iranian Food/Cuisine Atlas. According to Ajdari: Every area of our Country Iran has got its own special food/cuisine and every effort should be done including ground research for introducing them, as many food/cuisines are not being used anymore and in a span of time might be forgotten and would become history. It is believed that through this food/cuisine atlas the different foods would be recognized countrywide and can be used on trade basis through brand registering.

The Head of the National Tourist cooperation and conformity office said that the native and traditional foods are made depending on the cultural, Geography and History of the area/region and is an introduction of the native identity, race and nationality of that area/region. She also quoted that: The intangible culture safeguards cultural varieties and is a firm supporting factor which has the capability for tourist attraction.

According to Ajdari at this moment interested people from private sectors, government organizations and also the provincial head offices can apply for membership and register their native food/cuisines and Drinks and also the different events that take place in their areas through the site. The Head of the Cooperation and conformity office for Tourism concluded that, an agenda for forming the Council for Leadership and policy making for Food Tourism with the presence of Tourism industry related persons has been passed.


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