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Every Childbirth is a Gospel of Life

The birthday of newborns is one of the happiest occasions that deserve the offering of the most beautiful words and heartfelt congratulations to the parent and family of the baby. Happy birthday to Behdins, to these sweetest and the holiest gifts of life.

These children are the future makers of our communities and our country, and we wish them all the very best for their future life. We hope that they will live happily, have a fruitful and peaceful life with their parents, and proudly take control of the development of the country and the world. It is our nature to want to show our happiness, love, and acclamation by embracing and visiting and being aware of each other’s situation. Sending a message is a way to show how we value others.

If your relatives or acquaintances have had a baby recently, make them happy on his/her memorable birthday by sending information about your sweet babies for this post. Also, share your congrats and loving messages at the bottom of this post, in the comment section.

You can send name and surname of the newborn Behdin, name of parents, date and place of birth of these beloved ones, to the e-mail address of Amardad [email protected] You can contact us through Telegram, @Amordadpayam, or send your message via WhatsApp and Telegram messengers at 989198040593.

Information about the Birthday of Zoroastrian Newborn




Name of baby






Date of birth


Zoroastrian day of birth


Place of birth

17 Samiar Khademi Kalantari Pantea Hormozdi Ariyan Khademi Kalantari 1399/08/19 Aši Tehran
16 Kian Barkhordar Delara Mahabadi Sina Brakhordar 1399/08/07 Tištrya Tehran
15 Radmehr Fouladian Behnaz Demahri Kamran Fouladian 1399/08/03 Ātar Tehran
14 Liana Kavousi Zeynabad Sarvar Hormozdzadeh Shervin Kavousi Zeynabad 1399/07/20 Arštāt Yazd
13 Termeh Kaviani Yasaman Keshavarzi Parham Kaviani 1399/07/12 Rašnu Tehran
12 Arnika Namiranian Narges Edalati Maziar Namiranian 1399/06/25 Anaghra Raočā United States
11 Arvin Balvian Anahita Kiani Ramin Balvian 1399/06/20 Aši United States
10 Sogand Sepehri Parinaz Mavandadi Ashkan Sepehri 1399/06/12 Sraoša Tehran
9 Bardia Sohrabi Mozhdeh Hamavand Behrouz Sohrabi 1399/06/08 Tištrya United States
8 Javid Bamasi Paria Koubyari Ramin Bamasi 1399/05/31 Spenta Ārmaiti Tehran
7 Elena Soroushian Yasaman Parsa Shahriar Soroushian 1399/5/23 Asmān Sweden
6 Anousha Jamshidian Mobarakeh Dinaz Dehandi Siavash Jamshidian Mobarakeh 1399/5/12 Mithra Tehran
5 Surena Partovi Mahta Javanmardian Bahram Partovi 1399/5/1 Spenta Ārmaiti Tehran
4 Delsa Nazhdaki Behnaz Kaviani Shahriar Nazhdaki 1399/3/3 Spenta Ārmaiti Tehran
3 Shayan Peyman Mahshid Behmardi Mehrban Peyman 1399/3/3 Spenta Ārmaiti Tehran
2 Sepanta Khodaparasti Nazmehr Eftekhari Babak Khodaparasti 1399/1/24 Daēna Tehran
1 Samiar Faramarzian Parstou Dabiri Khodadad Faramarzian 1399/1/20 Verethragna Tehran
به نوشتار امتیاز بدهید.
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