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Mobed Dr.Ardeshir Khorshidian: “We make the religious principles to the scientific belief”

Mobed Dr.Ardeshir Khorshidian: “We make the religious principles to the scientific belief”

At the invitation of the international Peace and Friendship Ambassador Group, Mobed Dr.Ardeshir Khorshidian, director of the Mobed Association of Tehran, talked about the position of rational sciences and human ethics, on the occasion of the World Science Day For Peace and Development.

In association with the United Nations Information Center, The International Peace and Friendship Ambassador Group held another meeting from the series of summit meeting on “The System for Peace Culture”, with participation of nobles of science.

Dr.Ardeshir Khorshidian, director of the Mobed Association of Tehran, was one of the speakers at the System of Peace Culture Summit. He stated that peace is based on morality and conscience, in tight connection with development, and considered the use of wisdom and conscience, which are God-givens, as necessary components of establishing peace and friendship in the world. In this regard, he stated: “All of us, humans and everything that God has created in the world, is a jewel, and God has established a universal law for it.”

All the laws that are called the laws of the basic sciences or the cosmological principles are the laws of nature and God-givens. The universal laws are always the same, unchangeable, and infinitely precise. What is certain is that the basic sciences are the science of discovering the notion of ‘laws of nature’. Hence, the foundation of basic sciences is always fixed, and new things are discovered from it. Nowadays, we must turn economic ethics, which rules the world to ethical economics.

To this day, humans amazingly have made advancements in science and knowledge based on reason and wisdom and reached the greatest innovations and discoveries. Wisdom guides man to the personal interests known as ‘me as a child’. It must be taught from childhood so that humans can step out of the ‘me as a child’ and reach the ‘me as a mature and aware person’.

In another part of his speech, Mobed Ardeshir Khorshidian noted the role of rational sciences and said: “The rational sciences that we learn from childhood to adulthood distinguish truth and reality from superstitions and illusions”. Not only based on the rational method but also by relying on the three scientific foundations of the rational sciences, human ethics, and cognition by the rational method, we can transform our religious principles into scientific beliefs. We can accurately separate the truth (facts and realities) from the false (illusions and superstitions).

We must throw away lie, which is the greatest enemy of mankind and the greatest cause of cruelties, injustice and failure in the world, evaluate and then choose the right path, only on basis of human ethics and human rights.  We must separate good from evil by using this method.  We cannot evaluate and choose before we gain true knowledge and insight.

When evaluating the truth and choosing the good (values) rather than the evil (anti-values) we should keep in mind human conscience and human ethics, which are moulded in human nature.  Let us have human thoughts, act nationally and respect each other’s beliefs. The foundation of basic science originates from discovering the truth, and the laws of the cosmos and nature, which creates all knowledge and sciences. Applied science means inventing methods and devices in a way that benefits the world and the people.

At the end of his speech, Mobed Dr. Ardeshir Khorshidian said: “By relying on these three scientific foundations, let us turn the religious principles into scientific beliefs in a human reasoning way, and this should be the first purpose of the United Nations”. He suggested that if the international Peace and Friendship Group approved these components to be scientific, Loris Tjeknavorian, their leader of this group, will share these principles at the United Nations.

In the presence of nobles of science, on the occasion the world day for “Science as a Tool for Peace and Development”, on Tuesday November 11th, 2020, virtually, with zoom application. Dr. Dariush Frahood, known as the father of genetics, Dr.Ahmad Roosta, known as the father of modern marketing science, Dr. Ahmad Dalaki, known as the father of amateur astronomy science, Professor Mohsen Farshad Yekta,  Dr. Ardeshir Khorshidian, Mr.Yarta Yaran, Ms.Sogol Mashayekhi, and Dr.Rastgoo spoke in this meeting. Tayebeh Mohammad, the group manager, and Melika Tabrizi were in charge of holding this meeting.

Since 2015, the International Peace and Friendship Ambassador Group has held a series of meetings entitled the System of Peace Culture in association with the United Nations Information Center in Iran. These meetings are held to establish tolerant communication and provide specialized scientific solutions on international days and simultaneously with all countries in the world. So far, it has been able to take effective steps towards global cooperation.

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