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Promotion of Women’s Volleyball Team of the Zoroastrian Youth Club of Yazd to the Final of the First Division Volleyball League

The Yazd Zoroastrian Youth team, as host, with 3 consecutive rounds of victory over Pas Gorgan team reached the finals of the volleyball competition of the first division of the Women’s Club Championship.

The semi-finals of the volleyball matches of the first division women’s league of the country’s clubs in group one in Yazd, hosted by Yazd Zoroastrian Youth Club, were carried on. The game was held on the second day of the second Thursday of February 2016 in the Zoroastrian Youth Club’s unity hall in Yazd, with spectators and under Ministry of Health codes, due to coronavirus spread.

Yazd Zoroastrian Youth team, who hosted this round of the games, won with a score of 25 to 23, 27 to 25, and 25 to 20, respectively, against its opponent, the Pas Gorgan team.

The head of the Zoroastrian youth team of Yazd announced the team’s ascension to the finals of the Iranian women’s league’s first division.

According to Anahita Namiranian, head of the Zoroastrian Youth team in Yazd, in the semi-finals of the first of the first division of the Iranian volleyball league, the two Zoroastrian youth teams of Yazd and Pas Gorgan competed in Yazd. And that at the end of this match the Zoroastrian Youth team of Yazd defeated Pars Gorgan Team with a result of 3-0 and advanced to the next stage of the tournament.

Anahita said that these games would be held for 3 days and added: “the Yazd Zoroastrian Youth Club team is in the second group of these competitions along with Aria Maqam Pars Mashhad, Pass Gorgan, Samsung of Ghaemshahr.”

Namiranian, stating that the tournament’s final stage will be held on February 7, added: “The first division volleyball league of Iran is being held in a centralized manner with the presence of 4 teams from February 1 for three days, hosted by Yazd.”

She stated: The goal of the team’s technical staff and players is to achieve the desired results and advance to the Iranian Women’s Volleyball Premier League.

In a message, the head of the Yazd City Volleyball board congratulated the technical staff, management and players of the Organization and the Zoroastrian Youth Club for ascending to the final rounds of the first division women’s volleyball league.

Wishing for the team’s championship and promotion to the country’s women’s volleyball premier league, he considered this victory an honor in the history of women’s volleyball in Yazd province, which was achieved in solidarity and unity between Moslem and Zoroastrian girls.

The second stage volleyball competitions of the first division of the country’s clubs, which started on 1st of Bahman, was followed in 2 groups until the 3rd of Bahman. The top 2 teams from each group advanced to the next stage, and finally the Premier League.

Photos by Yazd Zoroastrian Youth Team


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