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Despatch of the Women’s Volleyball team of Yazd Zoroastrian Youth Club to the Final Competitions of the First Division League

The women’s volleyball team of Yazd Zoroastrian Youth Organization Club traveled to Mashhad to compete in the country’s first division league’s final stage.

On the morning of Wednesday, February 10, the women’s volleyball team of Yazd Zoroastrian Youth Club traveled to Mashhad to participate in the finals of the first division of the women’s championship country’s clubs. Anahita Namiranian, head of the Zoroastrian Youth team, gave this news and added: our team will play in the first competition on Friday, February 12, at 2:00 PM, and they will compete for the second and third games on Saturday 13, at 5:00 PM and on Sunday 14 at noon.

The Zoroastrian Association of Tehran, the Zoroastrian Association of Yazd, Sirous Yeganegi Charity Foundation, and the Steel Factory of Yazd, are our sponsors of the final stage.  The Yazd Zoroastrian youth team is composed of Zoroastrian and Muslim players native of Yazd province. Aida Jamshidi, Yasna Demehri, Azadeh Azarian, and Fereshteh Felfeli are the team’s Zoroastrian players. Anahita Namiranian, head of the team, Alieh Fotoohi, coach; and Fereydoon Najmim, manager, lead the team.

The four promoted teams to the final stage of the country’s first division women’s volleyball league will compete from Thursday, February 11, 2021, for four days in the Mehran sports hall of Mashhad to determine the champion of the first division league. The top two teams will advance to the Premier League. The Yazd Zoroastrian Youth team, Aria Magham-e Pars, Eshtad Saze Mashhad (two representatives of Khorasan), and Mes Rafsanjan are the 4 teams promoted to this stage.

In order to join in the final stage of the country’s first division women’s league, players of Yazd Zoroastrian youth have tested (PCR) negative. Before sending the team, Dr. Javaheri, Director of the Yazd Province Volleyball Board, met with the technical staff and players during the Yazd Zoroastrian Youth team’s training. The first division of the Women’s Club Championship 2020 was held from the beginning of January, with the participation of 15 teams, hosted by the Yazd Zoroastrian Youth Organization and Club. the Yazd Zoroastrian Youth team had the honor of leading the semi-finals and having a fast promotion in the history of women’s volleyball in Yazd province.

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