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Pandemic Diseases from the Perspective of Iranian Mythology

A mythological researcher believes that with the help of ancient beliefs and inspired by super-natural and divine forces, and by founding scientific and medical education centers, fought against infectious diseases of their time in ancient Iran.

In an interview with the journalist of Amordad, Dr Sajad Shokri stated:  “Among the ancient populations of the initial plateaus of Iran, healthy habits, hygiene and timely treatment of diseases played a significant role,, and the explanation of such behaviors is based on a religious and cosmological structures”.

He added:  “Iranians considered filth, contamination and disease to be demonic and born of the ‘kamarika’ (followers of the devil), the demons and “Angra Mainyu” (the devil), and on the other hand, they considered purity and health to be Ahuraism and the way of life of the gods.”

Shokri, the instructor at Shiraz Farhangian University, believes that two reasons essential in spreading diseases were considered to be the battle between two principles of existence:  conflict and law in nature.

Shokri added: “From the standpoint of Iranian mythology, sometimes intelligent and knowledgeable but rebellious human beings disrupt harmony, the order of nature and the universe, and cause the gods’ wrath.  Based on this, in Iran’s primitive religions, many sins that have been considered a violation of morality have caused the spread of diseases.  In an in-depth study of Iranian myths, we find that the spread of pain and pandemic diseases are the result of human disobedience to the command of the gods, and the punishment of the gods descending from the sky and the manifestation of the invasion and dissolution of filthy spirits in humans.”

The above is part of a report entitled “Pandemic Diseases from the Perspective of Iranian Mythology” by Seyyed Mehdi Mortazavi, published in the latest issue of Amordad.

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