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Spandarmad: Modesty with true love and affection

O Ahura Mazda, Zarathushtra has selected for himself pure wisdom (Ârmaiti) as his guide. May truth and righteousness strengthen our material lives. May spiritual power along with faith and love lighten our hearts as shining rays of sun. Do grant reward, O my Lord, to the persons who perform their actions through pure mind and wisdom. (Gathas, Yasna 43, Verse 16)

The more fertile a tree is the more drooping and accessible it is.  Therefore, modesty means:  accessibility of human usefulness. Modest people do not need the attention of others. From another point of view, need has no way into a humble person.  Modesty means not wanting one’s needs above others. The modest human is like the sun that everyone enjoys its light.

Affection is in the same direction as love; love is the richness of affection

Modesty, along with true love and affection, is the meaning of “Spandarmad”.  A person with the attributes of Spandarmad must be kind and affectionate to others and be humble at the same time.  This person can reach to the extent of magnanimity and honor where he will want for others whatever that he wants for himself.  Spandarmad is an attribute of Ahura Mazda and a sign of the eternal existence of Ahura attains humility.

Is it possible to be “Spandarmad” in the material world? The symbol of “Spandarmad” in the material world is “Mother Earth.” The earth that gives everything to everyone, without any expectations, and far from judging, benefits all creatures, good and bad alike. Is it possible to help the world and its residents like the earth planet, without having any expectations?  It is clear that it is complicated and all men in this world must practice being “Spandarmad” in order to become one with Ahura in the end. Man has foolishly harmed the Earth and the soil.  The law and order of existence, which is the law of Asha, will react.  This harm, leading to man’s disquiet and unhappiness, will manifest itself in different ways!

In his poem, Zartosht Behram Pazhdo, a 7th century Zoroastrian poet, who was contemporary with Khwarazmian dynasty, very beautifully urges human beings to keep our planet clean:

He said, “O pure man, you must hear my words”

The creator’s command is to keep the earth clean

The world should not be polluted with blood and filth and the dead

In this world, the one who tries to promote life on earth is the best person


In the Zoroastrian calendar, whenever the name of the day coincides with the name of the month, that day is celebrated.  Esphandgan festival is on spandarmad day of Esfand month, which is the 29th of Bahman according to the official country’s calendar (the Pahlavi word “Spenta Armaiti” is Spandarmad, which later changed to the Persian word Esfand). It is believed that it is named after the last month of the year, “Esfand,” when the cold winter ends and gives way to warmth and greenery. And this is when the earth fertilizes again. Women and land have the same features: Affection, modesty, love, and nurturing without expectations. Hence, this celebration has been named for religious and righteous women. The day when women’s motherly love like “Mother Earth” will be accepted and gratitude expressed. On this day, women receive gifts and presents from their husbands. Women who are virtuous, kind and religious, in their married lives, will present good children to the society.

In Avesta, which is a collection of writings of Varjavand and Spand Zoroastrians, greetings are frequently sent to religious and virtuous women and a high place of Minovan is wished for them:

We worship men and women. Among men and women, the one who praises the true religion better is Ahura Mazda; We praise this earth with the women who live on it. O Ahura Mazda, we worship the women who have excelled in righteousness and truth. We honor the virtuous men and women who rise against evil in every country with a good conscience. We worship the housewife who is Ashu and the chief of Ashu. We praise the religious woman who is very benevolent with good speech and good deeds and very educated.

به نوشتار امتیاز بدهید.
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