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Yazd Zoroastrian Youth Club reached fourth place in the country

From 15 teams the Zoroastrian Youth Club and Organization team got 4th place in the first division of the women’s volleyball championship in Iran.

The final games of the first division of women’s volleyball league of the country’s clubs ended in Mashhad, on Sunday, Bahman 26.  The four competing teams were Yazd Zoroastrian Youth Club, Aria Maqam Pars, Ashtad Sazeh Mashhad (two representatives from Khorasan), and Mes Kerman, in the Mehran sports hall of Mashhad.

Yazd Zoroastrian youth team, leading the semi-finals, experienced an early advance to the finals. In the final games, with a close competition resulting in three loses, the team became fourth among the 15 teams participating in the women’s volleyball championship of the first division clubs. In the last competition, the Ashtad Sazeh Mashhad and Aria Maqam Mashhad teams competed against each other, and in the end, Aria Maqam Pars won the championship cup. The Mes Rafsanjan also won second place, and Astad Sazeh in Mashhad won third place in the country’s first division.

Ascension of the Yazd Zoroastrian Youth club team to the final stage of the first division of women’s volleyball league is an honor in the history of Yazd volleyball, which was achieved with close cooperation and unity between the Zoroastrian and Moslem players of Yazd. Anahita Nemiranian, head of the team, and Alieh Fotouhi, coach, and Fereydoon Najmi, manager, led the team for the 2020-21 season. The country’s first division women’s league started its work on December 21, 2020. Yazd Zoroastrian Youth Club hosted the first and semi-final stage of the competition.

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