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Published: Iranian Women’s Music, from antiquity to the end of the Pahlavi Period

Harmattan Publications in France published the book “Iranian Women’s Music; From Antiquity to the End of the Pahlavi Period “by Ballet Niane.

According to ILNA, Harmattan Publications in france has published the book Named Iranian Women’s Music: From antiquity to the end of the Pahlavi period, in 212 pages, vaziri format, in both paper and digital formats.

In this book, Ballet Niane has introduced unexplored dimensions of Iranian music. The writer believes that throughout the history of Iranian art, and in the sources that have been written about art in various historical periods, less attention has been paid to women musicians and musicologists, and the sources that have introduced such artists are scarce.

However, despite political and social pressures from antiquity to the present day, women musicians have never left the scene. In this book, the writer has tried to reconstruct, present, and explain Iranian women musicians’ talents and explore their fundamental role in developing this industry in Iran. According to the writer, Iranian women musicians have played an essential role in developing this art, and this book is homage to these women artists throughout our history.

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