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Commemoration of Dr Mahbano Tata, mother of Iranian Statistics

The commemoration ceremony for dr Mahbano Tata “Mother of Statistics of Iran”, and a highly educated member of Kerman Zoroastrian Association, will be held online, on February 28.

The commemoration ceremony for Professor Mahbano Tata, the pioneer in Iranian statistics, will be held on Sunday, February 28, 2021, at Khodadad Mehrabi Hostel, without the presence of other Zoroastrians.  This ceremony will be broadcast live at 15:30 on the Instagram of the Kerman Zoroastrian Association at

Prof Mahbano Tata was born in Mumbai, India, on April 26, 1942.  After finishing her undergraduate and graduate studies at her hometown university, she entered Purdue University in US, and received doctorate in statistics in 1967.  Despite her numerous academic achievements and excellent social status in the United States, she taught at Michigan State University for only five years.

It was then that the love of Iran and its people prompted her to leave the US and come to Iran. She taught statistics for two years at the Sharif University of Technology. For 16 years, she taught students and founded the statistics at the Institute of Education, Statistics and Informatics, the Higher School of Computer Planning and Application, Iran Azad University, and Allameh Tabatabai University.

Attachment and commitment towards her fellow Zoroastrians drew her to Kerman in 1989. And from that year onwards she served in the Statistics Department of the Faculty of Mathematics and computer science of Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman. By accepting the huge responsibility of the statistics section in the following years and by training countless students in various sections in the statistics field, she immortalized her services to science and art and culture of Iran.

Membership and services in scientific societies such as the International Institute of Statistics, the Iranian Society of Mathematicians, and the Iranian Society of Statistics are part of her distinctive works.  Her role in the newly founded science of statistics in Iran was so great that she was called the mother of Iran’s statistics.

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