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Rashin Rahnemoun Won the Gold Medal for “Thinking and Entrepreneurship” Olympiad

Another honor for the Zoroastrian community: Rashin Rahnemoun, a young researcher, won the gold medal of the national thinking and entrepreneurship Olympiad.

Like any other students’ olympiad, the thinking and entrepreneurship Olympiad is the highest students’ science competition held in Iran, and thousands of students competed in three stages of the competition. Rashin Rahnemoun won the gold medal of the first National Thought and Entrepreneurship Olympiad in 2020-2021 by presenting the “Origami-shaped folding mirror with the ability to place a raspberry pi electronic board” among the 11th-grade candidates.

In the ceremony for commending the Olympiad medalists of the Olympiad and the winners of the Khwarizmi International Award, Rashin Rahnemoun, the researcher who won the gold medal of the first Thought and entrepreneurship olympiad was commended.

Rashin Rahnemoun, the daughter of Anahita Hamavandi and Ramin Rahnemoun, born in 2003, is studying in the twelfth grade of Mathematics and Physics at Farzanegan 7 Talented High School in Tehran. She virtually teaches entrepreneurship topics as an Olympiad medalist.

The Thought and Entrepreneurship is designed to train students’ creative thinking, thought-based skills, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Rashin Rahnemoun, who is interested in this field, says: “I have been interested in issues in the field of entrepreneurship and management since middle school, and I study and do research in this field.  In the 11th grade (2020-2021), when this Olympiad was added to the other scientific Olympiads and its first course was held by the National Organization for Development of Talents, I, by chance, participated in this students’ competition.  Because these topics are related to mathematics and physics, and is a discipline that the Department of Human Studies deals with, about 4500 to 6000 students competed in the Olympiad.

Rashin, a researcher with innovative ideas, explained about holding the thinking and entrepreneurship Olympiad (Takad) exam and the success stages:  “Due to Corona’s circumstances, each volunteer designed a new idea and the principles for their commercialization.  They were even asked to prepare resume and CV to be put for judgement.  The designs were not physically prepared, but were based on patent information principles and their basic design, and only the commercialization plans and design strategies were graded. “

She explained: “The main topics of this Olympiad are marketing, management strategies, organizations, economic problems, business models, and patent principles.” Interdisciplinary topics such as game design, cryptography, synthetic biology, art criticism, etc., were also discussed in the first and second stages. The first innovation of student scientific Olympiads run in the third stage, which was the test in an open web and open book. In the third stage, the first innovation of Students’ scientific Olympiad was presented. The participants invented the three principles that the idea and design and all the patenting steps the participant had to do for judging and designing commercial model advertisements. Unfortunately, investors were not present this year due to the coronavirus: otherwise, the discussion of investing in projects was one of this Olympiad’s goals.

Rashin Rahnemoun won the gold medal with the design of an “Origami-shaped folding mirror with the ability to place on raspberry pi electronic board.” The folding mirror was inspired by the art origami, which solves the problem of transporting large mirrors with the possibility of smartening and installing any size electronic board,” she said. Also, the folding feature makes it flexible in any shape and size. The electronic board installed on it is also used to make the mirror smarter; for example, it can be turned into a virtual cinema environment.

The gold medalist talks about her future:  “My plan is entrepreneurship in the field of software, and continuing and commercializing my plans and projects in this field.  It will also help expand entrepreneurship and make it far-reaching.  Recently, participants in the Olympiad with ranks were invited to teach subjects in this field in a virtual way throughout Iran. I am currently teaching my knowledge to students.

In conclusion, Rashin Rahnemoun, our proud young student, said that having interest, perseverance, consistency in learning the scientific basics are requirements for achieving the goal. She added:  “Having interest in practical and executive work with a business nature made me to study economics and accounting.  My next plan is to bring to reality my projects and ideas.  In the 10th grade of high school some classes on industrial designing were held and in those classes the basics of patents were studied.

In the tenth grade of high school, industrial design classes were held, and during that period, the basics of patents were studied. The invention of the solvent recycling machine with industrial plans etc. was the result of that extracurricular period. Because of both practical tasks and knowledge of related fields, I won this Olympiad.

The ceremony for commending the medalists and the winners of the Kharazmi youth festival was held by the Ministry of Education and the Young Researchers’ Club on Saturday, March 13, 2021, in the presence of 17 winners, Mohsen Haji Mirzaei, Minister of Education, and Dr. Yavari, President of the National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents in Shahid Rajaei Conference Hall, Tehran, and at the same time was shown in every province via video conference. Rashin Rahnemoun was invited to the event as a representative of the Thought and Entrepreneurship Olympiad.

Nearly 12 Olympiads were held in 12 different disciplines in 2020-2021, and 160 medalists won the national gold medals in scientific Olympiads. Twelve gold medalists were honored on behalf of the medalists from each field.

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