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A Letter by Azita Akhtar Khavari, the lady climber motivated by Sepandarmazgan

Ascent to Azadkouh Summit, My Offer to Mother’s Glory

On the occasion of the nearing of the blessed Sepandarmazgan festival, a celebration for honoring the creation of earth and woman, a celebration as sacred as the mother's name, Azita Akhtarkhavari, a Zoroastrian ladyclimber, offered her ascent to the Azadkouh summit with 4355 m height, in an emotional letter, to the sacred name of mother, the symbol of uprightedness and endurance, and to all Iranian women.

It is sepandarmazgan, a happy day, an ancient and joyful Iranian celebration; when the Earth and its soil are awakening and in full motion, the celebration of the proud and free Iranian woman, spreader of modesty, humility and forgiveness in the family and on this Earth, the biggest miracle of God’s creation, in the form of women and motherhood.  A mother is like a mountain that grows from the ground, her shoulders as strong as the strongest pillars, with a heart that is home to all hearts and souls.

My dear mother, you are the prism of love and a full reflection of affection and peace, the most beautiful reflection of existence.  I want to tell you that though heave is under your feet, I put my whole world under your feet; you are the best mother in the world. I learned kindness and forgiveness from you, and I feel happy.

My dear mother, your unreachable dreams and your unspoken words are apparent in your silence.  My life’s journey, which is taking an unparalleled path, demands patience as much as all the days that you have spent in your life and will encounter anxiety as much as all your future days.  My dear mother Shahla, I offer my ascent to the peak of Azadkouh to you, with pride and honor, like the meaning of my Avestan name.  It is an offer from Azita to a mother who gave her unconditional love to me and my family.

The indescribable feeling of continuing to ascend the mountains and taste success reminds me that today that I am standing here I will never forget the support I had in the days when I would fall to the ground. Today when I stand, I see you with all your sacrifices. You are a compassionate daughter, loving wife, and devoted to my late father, sympatric mother and strong for your children, beloved grandmother for your grandchildren; How well you could play all these roles.  This is in response to all that you gave me, in praise of your endless love and the vastness of all your goodness.

I have sisters purer than the clear waters of a spring, which I will not change with the world.  I am writing with my deepest feelings for my best sister: one whose name has an Avestan meaning, armaiti, a girl with good deeds, a symbol of integrity, patience, and tolerance, my lifelong supporter. I`m happy to have you! You are that most artistic girl that I have known.  You have raised your only daughter with love and kindness, and we have witnessed her success in entering the university this year.

My dear Anida, you are that happiness of your aunt’s heart.  Happy Women’s day!  And my dear other niece: Anahita.  You indeed represent the meaning of your Avestan name: beloved and influential lady and the destroyer of impurity and corruptness, symbol of endurance, strength and forbearance. My beloved sister, Anita, happy Women’s Day!  Your success in the face of crises and difficult days, your proud resistance in a foreign land, against the storm of ignorance and corruptness, became an example for my success.

With the help of your memory, the cold and the heat, the long way, the scary ups and downs, all became smooth for me.  Life goes on, though going towards the future, with all its hurdles and worries, is hard.  I have learned from the mountains how to succeed with what I have, and move towards the unknown, facing the laws of the mountains and the times, which ultimately make success sweet.  We will ascend all the summits in life. We will go through this path together, even if there is a distance between us. .

It is so good to have someone who is always caring for you, who remembers you always and loves you.  Thank you for being my dear Aunt Kateen, the light of our house.  Happy women’s day!  Dear Parizad, who has always been by my side like a sister.  Happy women’s Day and thank you for being the smallest and the most joyful and dearest member of our family; who has always gifted us with a smiles.  Parmis, my dear niece, happy Women’s Day!

My dear Zoroastrian fellow climbers and women climbers of the Oil Company:  God bless you and Happy Women’s Day!  Becoming a climber is not achieved by climbing; the summit is just a rock.  What makes it different from the rest of the world is our memories; how we together try hard to accomplish our goal.
And now, my dear friends of “Good Thoughts”:  Nooshin, Afsaneh, Fariba, Neda, Azadeh, Bita, Dina, Maryam, Tayebeh and Shadi and the great coach of my life, beloved Shiva,  your kind messages from different parts of Iran are full of love and positive energy and so motivating.  I thank all of you.  Happy Women’s Day to all of you.  I am the happiest girl being among you all.

The Earth and the woman, in this cruel world, are the best supporters of humanity.  May they live with peace and joy, by God’s grace.

Ascending the summit of Azadkouh, one of the highest summits in the midst of Alborz range, in Mazandaran province, conquering Sahand and Alamkouh, the second highest summit of Iran, ascending the forest heights of Namak-Abroud, and the Chahar-Saman summit, ascending the summit of Tochal, and Sarakchal and finally conquering the summit of Caloon Bastak, are recorded in the name of this lady climber.

به نوشتار امتیاز بدهید.
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