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Taft Pomegranate Festival is Nationally Registered

The Taft National Pomegranate Festival, which has been held in Taft city in Yazd province for several years, has been nationally registered. Following the Taft Pomegranate Festival's national registration, the officials considered the development of the rural tourism economy as one of the essential features of this festival.

Alireza Nokar, the governor of Taft, in an interview with ISNA, called this national registration a happy event for the city and said: “for several years the pomegranate festival has been held in Taft and it has been effective in attracting tourists and developing a unique status and selling pomegranate garden products and by-products and handicrafts.

He said the festival was more variegated than the previous years and attended by a large number of people last year, adding: “”Taft pomegranate festival, last year, was held with the presence of the people in the orchards and neighborhoods of Taft, and this event made the farmers, orchard owners and the local people happy, also because they were able to offer other produces as well.

The governor of Taft, stating that the festival was not held this year because of the pandemic, added:  “After removal of the restrictions, we will hold the pomegranate festival more widely and in the coming years.”

Nokar mentioned the prosperity of tourism in the city after the festival and said: “Not only residential and tourism complexes were happy to hold this event, but this festival led to the economic development of the city during the festival in the days around it and tourists from all over Iran were guests in Taft.

Tourism events are an opportunity to develop the rural economy

In an interview with ISNA, Seyed Mostafa Fatemi, General Manager of Yazd Cultural Heritage, announced the national registration of the province’s pomegranate festival and said: “pomegranate festival of Yazd province, with the focus on Taft city, was registered as one of the tourism events in the list of national monuments.

He said that this event was a good opportunity for tourism development and that events such as fruit festivals in different cities of the province are an effective way to introduce a variety of foods, culture, capabilities, handicrafts, and tourist attractions of each town and finally the region.

Adding that the pomegranate festival was also held in Yazd, Meybod and Mehriz, he continued: “This festival is held in these cities in the form of pomegranate picking in the gardens and is in everyone’s view, especially tourists.

He pointed out that the occupancy rate of hotels reaches the highest on the occasion of this festival and said:  “Tour are spread out simultaneously with the Yazd Province pomegranate festival in the cities of Meybod, Mehriz and Taft, and our experience in this field is very successful.”

Fatemi further declared pomegranate as the symbol of Taft city and said: “Each town has its unique symbol, which for Bafgh is dates, for Mehriz persimmon and for Abarkouh apricot, and these have created higher economic values during tourism event.”

The cultural heritage director general of the province spoke about the increase in rural tourism and the flourishing of rural economy, following tourism events and emphasized: “Tourism events can boost rural businesses, and supply rural products directly to tourists and generate income which the local community and its beneficiaries and benefit from.”

Fatemi considered the prosperity of the rural economy as the cause of reverse migration and the self-sufficiency of villages and said: “One of the ways to preserve villages and prevent villagers’ migration is to develop rural tourism through strategies such as rural entrepreneurship and helping to generate income for villages. This program can maintain the village’s indigenous and original culture and the traditions of each village in the framework of rural tourism.”

In conclusion, the director general of Yazd Cultural Heritage reminded: “All tourism programs and events .in the current situation follow the instructions of the headquarters dealing with corona related matters”.

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