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On the occasion of 5th of Farvardin, birthday of Ashu Zarathushtra, the messenger of monotheism

6th of Farvardin is registered in the the Islamic Republic of Iran’s official calendar as “Zoroastrian Day.” “Zoroaster Day” coincides with Zoroaster’s birthday; prophet of Zoroastrians and messenger of peace, kindness, and wisdom is registered in the country’s official calendar. I congratulate this day to all Iranians, especially dear Zoroastrian Iranians.

Ashu Zarathushtra, the prophet of the Zoroastrian Iranians, was one of the first messengers of monotheism in the world, who invited humans to worship the great wise God of the universe (Ahura Mazda). According to historical documents, Iran has been the origin of monotheism in the world, and Iranians are the oldest monotheistic nation in the world; and this is a source of pride for Iranians and a cause of honor and dignity for every Iranian citizen.

According to Zoroaster’s teachings, Zoroastrians have always protected the Iranian cultural heritage and rituals and celebrations. Celebrations such as Nowruz, Mehregan, and Sadeh are based on happiness, love, respect, and patience.

Throughout Iran’s history, Zoroastrians were patrons of the land, animals, nature, and environment and did not pollute the land and water. Zoroastrians also paid special attention to science and rationalism. Accordingly, the oldest schools and hospitals in Yazd belong to the Zoroastrians, served all the citizens of this city of any religion based on peaceful coexistence.

Based on these characteristics, we see that Muslims have trusted a Zoroastrian citizen in the Yazd City Council elections and and elected him along with other Muslim members. This choice depicted beautiful scenes of participation, trust, and social cohesion in Iran.

Hujjat al-Islam Younesi stated in this message: Inviting human beings to monotheism, human dignity, and social justice is the common feature of all the prophets of monotheistic religions, the practice of which transforms human social life into a new and moral world. Of course, the main factor in the growth and flourishing of monotheistic religions in this land is Iran’s proper civilization and culture.

The message continues: According to the ancient culture of this land, monotheism, rationality, happiness, and kindness are the critical commons of social life. A culture that invites everyone to compassion, human dignity, social justice, and respect for the rights of citizens of all ethnicities, religions, and faiths.

Nearing the end of the year, adviser to the President on Ethnic and Religious Minorities affairs congratulated the arrival of the ancient holiday of Nowruz and “Zoroaster Day” to all Iranian tribes and Zoroastrians of the world and followers of monotheistic religions, and prayed to God for peace, joy and health together with pride and honor for all Iranians.

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