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Everything about Jamshid Jam

A Primary School with 114 Years of Educational and Cultural Background

Jamshid Jam Primary School is one of the Zoroastrian schools founded in 1905 that educated many graduates for our society. For 114 years, the primary school has been sending many graduates to higher education and right now is accepting male students from 1st to 6th grade.

The building of Jamsid Jam was originally built for the first time in 1906 with the donation of Arbab Jamshid Bahman Jamshidian to educate children. Since the building become old over the years, and not sufficiently capable of serving its purpose, the present building, measuring 1260 sqm, was built by Arbab Rostam Jamshidian, son of Arbab Jamshid bahman Jamshidian with formal approval of the then members of the Tehran Zoroastrian Association, and officially handed over to the Zoroastrian Association on September 6, 1966.

Sohrab Safrang, a member of the Zoroastrian Association of Tehran at the time of the opening ceremony of the new and current building of Jamshid Jam Primary School once said:  “My motivation in my 52 years of cultural and social services has always been the Zoroastrian community and Zoroastrian associations.”

The library of this school was opened on November 6, 1966, during the tenure of Mohammad Nazemzadeh Shoaei.

It is worth mentioning the names of some of the teachers and staff of this school in the first years of its work: Mr. Ebrahim Faghaniniya, Parineh, Farzaneh, Faridani, Mortazi, Shamszadeh, Hakemi, Vesali, Mansouri, Namdar Hakim, Madanivar, Iranparast, Rostam Yaresh, Keykhan Zadeh, Mobad Rostam Khodabakhsh, Pashootanzadeh, Marviyehsiyan, Moalemian, and Mandegar Jamshidian.

For many years, one hundred percent of the students of Jamshid Jam Primary School passed the final district exams of the 5th grade, which marked this school among the distinguished and high-quality schools of the District No. Two of Tehran. At that time, the top students received a letter of honor during a ceremony, and the names of the top students were published each semester in the Zoroastrian monthly journal.

Jamshid Jam Primary School is located on Jomhuri-e Eslami Ave., Masoud-e Sa’d Street, opposite Nobahar Alley and parallel with Mirza Kushek Khan street.  The school is built with three stories.  The first story included the principal’s and the vice principal’s offices, teachers’ office and the conference hall, and the two other stories include the library, laboratory and the first to fifth grade classes.

One of Jamshid Jam’s outstanding features that enables us to consider this school as one of the most prestigious educational centers, has been the training of subjects of our country, such as Late Mobad Rostam Shahzadi, Dr. Bouzarjomehr Mehr, Dr. Farhang Mehr, Dr. Ezatollah Neghaban, Father of Archeology of Iran, Engineer Rostam Parki, Mehrdad Bahar, son of the Poets Mohammad-Taqi Bahar, Dr. Sohrab Shahzadi, neurologist, Engineer Toos Dehnadi, inventor, Eng. Rostam Yeganegi, and so on.

The message of Mobed Arbab Mehraban Zartushti in the 101 years celebration of the foundation of Jamshid Jam Primary School, on August 29, 2007:

In the name of God

First, I should praise and pray to Ahura Mazda, then greet and extend my appreciation towards the dear children and the wise people who have attended this joyful gathering.

Some time ago, Zarir Najmi, our dear wise Behdin, called and requested me to send a message on occasion of the 101st anniversary of Jamshid Jam primary school.  Although this was difficult for me due to my illness and also old age, I accepted this request because Jamshid Jam Primary School is one of the Zoroastrian cultural heritage.

I am glad that Jamshid Jam Primary School is still functioning after more than a century, and continuing to perform its cultural and educational mission, even better and more fruitfully.  Greetings to each one of you, administrators and principals who are running this school with wisdom and competence, and I wish you well-being and success.

I am now 91 years old, and Jamshid Jam Primary School is 101 years old. In other words, this primary school was founded ten years before my birth by one of the great Zoroastrian men, Arbab Jamshid Jamshidian, and thousands of Zoroastrian and non-Zoroastrian children have been educated in it until today.

Jamshid Jam Primary School was one of the first schools in Tehran to start working with a modern educational method. The traditional schools and Maktab Khaneh ran most schools at that time.

The Zoroastrian community has, since long, paid special attention to acquiring knowledge, and it is a subject of pride that after the Constitutional Revolution, the highest percentage of schools in Tehran, Yazd, and Kerman, in terms of population, belong to Zoroastrians. There are Jamshid Jam, Giv, Goshtasb, Anoushiravan Dadgar, Firooz Bahram, and Rostam Abadian schools in Tehran. Religious schools in Yazd, Keykhosravi, Jahanian, and Markar. There are Iranshahr, Kaviani, Keykhosrow Shahrokh, and Shahriyari schools in Kerman.

The founder of Jamshid Jam Primary School was one of the Zoroastrian community intellectuals, Arbab Jamshidian.

Arbab Jamshid started his life from scrap.  With his gifted intelligence and with the help of his truthfulness and honesty, he achieved legendary wealth and glory and became famous for his generosity and service to others.

Many Zoroastrians moved to Tehran with the support and reputation of Arbab Jamshid, and he gave them jobs and never denied them any help, so that so that many of them later successfully started independent businesses.

At the peak of his economic power Jamshidian merchandise expanded outside of Iran and established branches in Saint Petersburg, Kolkata, Paris, Istanbul, and Mumbai.

He bought two large lots of land in Tehran.  On one of them he built houses for his employees and also accommodated a group of Zoroastrians to move from Yazd and surrounding areas.  Over an expanse of more than a century, with the expansion of Tehran, those lands became commercial property, and its inhabitants sold them and settled in other parts of Tehran.

I am grateful to Jamshid Jam Primary School and dear wise Behdin, Zarir Najmi, for allowing me to send such a message. I wish you all success and prosperity from Ahura Mazda.

Greetings from the Mobad Mehrban Zartushti

On 5/24/1386 SH

Turan Shahriyari (Bahrami) wrote a poem in memory of the late Arbab Jamshid Jamshidian and also for the 101st anniversary of the School.  This poem tells the life story of this great man, in rhythm, and makes one wonder how great this man was.

Greeting to Arbab Jamshid, Who was intelligent and liberal

He was born during the Qajar period, his father named him Jamshid

From his childhood, it was that he is wise, and he worked from adolescence

At first, he was in Yazd, then he moved to other places

For more than thirty years, he worked and paved the way for excellence

He learned hard work, he became more aware than others in this way

He built his wisdom by luck, he did business

The management and knowledge of that time, made him a man with a great goal

He became famous as Arbab Jamshid, it was the destiny of Arbab

He became so renowned in business, that Muslim and Behdin praised him

It traded in ten cities in Iran, because it was the essential base of business

He was a believer and Behdin, and Muslim became his servant and employee

More than four thousand people were working for him, and they followed his orders

Many of his compatriots were happy with him. In Iran, he became famous

He was very kind to Keykhosrow at that time

Because you saw love and wisdom from him, he chose him for his difficult work

Arbab Jamshid was such that, and we should greet him forever

In Yazd and Tehran and other places, he left a good memory of himself

All for the comfort and benefit of people

He made many lands wealthy, and God became happy because of him

He helped the helpless because he was with the helpless

He protected lots of homeless, all of them believed in him

After a while, he ran Jamshidian Bank

People trusted him, the bank was very trustworthy

The Russian and British ambassadors began to applaud him

After a while, they became enemies with Arbab Jamshid and betrayed him

In those difficult days of Qajar, nobody was like him, intelligent

To dedicate oneself to the lives of the people and to lose oneself in the way of others

Finally, through love and forgiveness, Jamshid Jam Primary School was established

More than a hundred years have passed with the love of Iran

The primary school will be proud of what passed to him for a long time

Jamshid Jam Primary School has always shown its worth

In this primary school, they give some patriotic men lights

Many famous and skillful men were students of that school in the past

Learning in childhood certainty influences adolescence

Such tremendous and challenging works that became constitutional at the same time

Those great works made Arbab a patriotic man, a symbol of intelligence and awareness

His greatness revealed and made his way to the parliament relatively easy

Arbab Jamshid Jamshidian became represented by Zoroastrians

Then frank Arbab Jamshid gave this position to Arbab Keykhosrow again

Although innocent Arbab Jamshid sparkled like a shining star

Alas, many years of working with proud will be finished

Suddenly he lost his strength and power because of jealousy and strangers

He was used by both the Russians and the British side

Eventually, he went bankrupt and suddenly lost his wealth

Like other human beings, he passed away, that wise person

Three precious sons remain with his wife in memory of him

Now they passed away, and they are with Arbab Jamshid

They may rest in peace, all of the family

Greetings to Arbab Jamshid, who was a fearless and pious


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