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Kiarostami Turns on the Light of the Largest Museum of Art in Europe

The Georges Pompidou National Centre for Art and Culture is holding a complete program reviewing the artworks of Abbas Kiarostami under the pretext of reopening after a few months of closing in Paris.

As ISNA reports, the program for review of the works of the late and renowned Iranian movie director, Abbas Kiarostami, is scheduled for the reopening of the Georges Pompidou National Center for Arts and Culture on May 29, coinciding with the reopening of cinemas, museums, and cultural sites after a six-month closure in France due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The commemoration of Abbas Kiarostami, in France, was first scheduled to be held before April, but due to the coronavirus crisis, it is now planned to be held, with delay, from May 19 to July 26. This program includes the screening of 46 movies made by this influential figure of the Iranian new wave of cinema, some of which have been restored in the past few years.

The program of reviewing Kiarostami’s works also includes an art exhibition entitled “Where is a Friend’s House?” In an area of more than a thousand square meters, it will be held in the Georges Pompidou Art Center, including a collection of never-before-seen photographs and collages of this famed movie director.

The event is organized in collaboration with the Georges Pompidou National Center for Arts and Culture, known as the largest museum of modern art in Europe and mk2, a distributor and producer of Kiarostami’s works in France and the Kiarostami Foundation.

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