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Mehrbanoo is Laid to Rest in Her Beloved Homeland

Perhaps no concept is as complicated as homeland. When we talk about soil, on the one hand, the least valuable things are weighed against the soil, and on the other hand, the soil of the homeland is so precious that our souls are worthless compared to it. What is a homeland? Where is the homeland? What makes the soil of the homeland unique, and what is the chemical that turns this soil into gold?

Perhaps: The homeland is the land that the father stepped on; the homeland is where we opened our eyes to the world. Homeland is where we felt the warm embrace of our mother. The homeland is where we fell in love for the first time, and maybe the homeland is a land that … Maybe all this is a homeland, perhaps none of them is a homeland, I do not know what a homeland is. All I know is that love for the homeland has ignited such a flam of nostalgia in the souls of the homesick that they treasure every speck of this soil and their deepest wish is the last touch of the dust of their homeland. With the waves of migration in this society, many people died in a desire to revisit their homeland, and their last wish was to be buried in their motherland, which never materialized.

For some time now, fellow Zoroastrians living abroad have been asking for permission to bury the deceased’s ashes in a tomb and place a stone on the grave.

There are sections in the Ghasr-e Firoozeh cemetery that have not been dedicated to burying the dead for some reason during the past years, and it is no longer possible to use those places for burying the dead. After discussions between the president of the Tehran Zoroastrian Association and President of the Counsel of Tehran Mobeds, it has now become possible to fulfill the wishes of fellow Zoroastrians far from home.  Fortunately, the Board of Directors of the Tehran Zoroastrian Association have also given a favorable vote to this plan and therefore the obstacles have been removed. From now on the Ghasr-e Firoozeh cemetary is prepared to bury and place a memorial stone on the burial place of the dead transported to Iran from abroad.

On Ormazd Day of the month of Ordibehesht, the first such burial took place in the specific section of Ghasr-e Firoozeh cemetary allocated for this purpose. It is clear that due to the pandemic few people were present for the burial.  But, because this was the first such burial the President of the Zoroastrian Association attended the burial in honor of the traveler who came from across the ocean to pay her last visit to her homeland.

And, of course, it was natural that he would be present and because a a lady was being buried who was in charge of the secretariat of the Zoroastrian Association during her lifetime and is the only lady who has been in charge of this position until today. It would have been appropriate if other Association members could also come, but it was not possible due to the pandemic. Today we said goodbye to Mehrbanoo Partovi. May her memory be eternal, and may her soul rest in peace. Hopefully, this decision of the association will relieve some of the suffering of the migrants far from this land.

Amen- Babak Shahriari- Farvardin (April) 1400

Photos by Babak Shahriari

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