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Zoroastrian artists shine in the play “Everything goes by but you won’t let go”

The play “”Everything goes by but you won’t let go,” written by Mohammad Charmshir, in collaboration with Babak Jamshidi, Zoroastrian artists Chista Jamshidian, and Sepehr Ghadrdan, will be staged on 17 June 2021.

Babak Jamshidi is working with Hassan Tabibzadeh, the play’s director, as an assistant director in this play. Babak Jamshidi, born in 1994, has been designing and performing plays in the form of musical performances, using technology in various programs for several years in the Zoroastrian Students’ Association group and with the participation of the association’s students. This time she is experiencing a comedy-drama monologue, as assistant director.

Chista Jamshidian is the costume designer of this play. She confirms her skills and knowledge on the face of the actor with the style used in the play. Chista has completed a course on face make-up and had her first experience in a performance in 1397 (2018).  You may find more about this artist in Amordad post.

Sepehr Ghadrdan is the photographer of this play. Ghadardan, a 25-year-old artist, has been working in photography for nearly 12 years and has been photographing professionally and independently for the past five years, and has different experiences in commercial and artistic photography.

The comedy-drama monologue play “Everything passes by but you do not forget”, will be performed on 27 Khordad 400 (June 17, 2021) and Hassan Tabibzadeh will be acting in this play, plus composing the performing the music at Hilaj Theater for 40 minutes.

In the synapse is written: “He is sitting and smiling with his eyes.  His horse is singing a song. Maybe we pull over at this history station.

In the documents discovered from the former Soviet Union, one of the secrets of 9/11 is written like this; “The pilot of that plane was Bahram Radan, and its passengers were Elizabeth Taylor and Shahram Shabpareh.”

Those working on this drama are: Mohammad Charmshir, writer; Hassan Tabibzadeh, actor: Hassan Tabibzadeh, Assistant Director: Babak Jamshidi, Makeup Designer: Chista Jamshidian, Advertiser: Mohammad Reza Baseri, Designer: Mobina Rostami, Poster Designer: Sina Golshan, Photographer: Sepehr Ghadrdan, Video Art: Neda Moradi, and Yasin Soltani, Motion Graphics: Jamal Blokian, Editor: Elham Mahdavi, Script supervisor: Elnaz Rahmati and Line producer: Kandoo Group.

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