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We invite you to join the campaign for supporting regional musicians

The campaign named “request for the immediate attention of the officials to the living conditions of regional music artists” began with the aim of supporting these artists who are the guardians of the colorful songs of Iranian ethnic music.

Due to the miserable living conditions of regional musicians and the hardships they face, this campaign has been launched by Peyman Bozorgnia, a regional music researcher, and it is hoped that it will end with the support of activists and lovers of Iranian culture.

The text of this campaign states:

Dear Mr. Abbas Salehi

Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance

The music of the regions or the music of the Iranian tribes is an inseparable part of the Iranian culture, which, through the labyrinth of time and despite all the hardships it has faced in different periods of time, has preserved this national wealth for generations.

The musicians of the regions, who do not have the chance to become famous like other music figures of today due to the negligence and dereliction of the officials, are still the guardians of folk music in different regions of Iran. These artists are now unequivocally faced with basic needs such as medicine, treatment, food, and clothing in challenging economic conditions. Therefore, they require more serious attention from the officials in order to be able to live normal lives.

The day-to-day worries of the past few years have threatened the handover of regional music to future generations. There is now a danger of the abolition of this generation of artists and the destruction of the national music of the regions. “Therefore, I ask you and other officials to address the living conditions of these artists immediately.”

To join the campaign and support regional musicians, go to:

Request for the immediate attention of the officials to the living conditions of regional music artists.

به نوشتار امتیاز بدهید.
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