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Huraman is planning for World Registration

Huraman has risen to the west of the country with its untouched, beautiful, and pleasant nature and sky-high mountains. Huraman is an area full of natural blessings, beautiful architecture, pleasant climate, and hardworking and kind people with beautiful and ancient traditions emerging from the labyrinth of history. Huraman or Oramanat is a mountainous region between the provinces of Kurdistan and Kermanshah, and a small part of it is located in Iraqi Kurdistan.

For many years there has been talk about registering Huraman as a world heritage site but each time obstacles have prevented it from materializing.

Nearly two years ago, the UNESCO Senior Adviser called on the Iranian authorities to remove the obstacles that have prevented the world registration of Huraman as fast as possible.

“Administrative bureaucracy should not be an obstacle to advancing the goals of the region’s global registration,” said Professor Jukka Jokilehto, UNESCO Senior Advisor.

He called the traditional architecture of Huraman region import and of high value, and added; “construction should be organized and coordinated in collaboration with the people of Huraman region, and modern style constructions should be stopped.”

UNESCO Senior Adviser emphasized the requirement to identify and highlight landmarks in the region, plan for the protection of nature and architecture of the area, develop strategies to deal with possible difficulties and natural disasters, and identify all officials who are involved in the process of its world registration.

Referring to other needs to be met for world registration of Huraman, including improving the existing capacities in the region and the level of health services and infrastructure, he said: “The residents of this region can play a crucial role in maintaining the current status, and improve and restore the area, and this factor should be seriously considered by the officials of the province and the country.” (Mehr News Agency, October 29, 2019)

1400, a special year for the world registration of Huraman

In April of this year, the director for Oramanat cultural and historic landscape database said about the Huraman World Registration file review: “The final file was sent to UNESCO in January 2020, and in September 2020 a UNESCO evaluator visited this region for 10 days, and in the past few months, several meetings have been held in the form of video conferences with the presence of UNESCO experts, including Dr. Mohammad Hassan Talebian, Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage, Farhad Azizi, Director General of Databases, Director of Huraman Base and experts from the World Registry, and according to Talebian the conclusive session of UNESCO for the final vote will be held in July this year.

Pouya Talebania added: “In the Huraman case for world registration, attention has been paid to cultural geography, not political geography, because Huraman is partly in Kurdistan province and partly in Kermanshah province, therefore, a combined file has been prepared, and we hope to get the final vote for UNESCO to register the region globally.”

He reminded: “Geography and cultural landscape in the world record of Huraman refers to the communication of man and nature throughout history. Accordingly, in the cultural landscape of Huraman, items such as architecture, history and archeology, nomadic life, celebrations and customs, the way of life and livelihood of the inhabitants, natural resources such as rare plants and animal species, music and literature of Huraman, etc., have been analyzed as characteristics of this region.”

About the measures taken, director of the oramanat historical and cultural landscape center explained: “Measures taken in the last 5 years in several areas include studies that cover architectural studies, archeology, restoration, anthropology, texture studies, G.I.S., management plan, and registration of rustic textures and landmarks of the region, registration of natural monuments and intangible heritage.”

Talebian pointed out: “In the administrative sphere, restoration of significant buildings such as mosques and historic bridges, and organization of rural structures in the form of participatory restoration projects have been done and the necessary tourism infrastructure, including the development of eco-tourism houses in Huraman villages, anthropological museums, and the field of education and cooperation of local communities, several activities have been carried out in the villages.” (Mehr News Agency, April 29, 2021)

Now, however, the minister of Heritage, Culture, Tourism, and Handicrafts announced in a meeting about review of the status of world registration process of Huraman, that the world registration would be finalized by the end of July 2021.

As reported by Aria Heritage and the public relations department of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism of Kurdistan, Dr. Ali Asghar Mounesan said on Tuesday, July 6, 2021, at a meeting to review the world registration process of Huraman: “God willing, with more efforts, we will be able to give the good news of Huraman to the people of Kurdistan by the end of July.”

It is hoped that proud Huraman will achieve its proper status as a long-standing and fertile part of world civilization by joining the UNESCO list.

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