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Organization and renovation of Marker Park, is in the working schedule of Yazd Municipality

Phase 1 of organizing Marker Park, being a comprehensive plan, was in the working schedule of the municipality.

Expert consultants have prepared the comprehensive plan of Marker Park under the supervision of the Deputy Minister of Urban Planning and Architecture. With the implementation of phase one of this project, the portal and entrance of the park, On-street parking, bike and sidewalk paths, access to the open-air cinema, sports ground, passenger camp, fountain, central lake, and green area compatible with desert climate will be created or organization.

In a meeting with participation of Jamaleddin Azizi, Yazd City mayor, Deputy Minister for Urban Planning and Architecture, Mohammad Ali Salmani, Deputy Minister for Urban Transport and Infrastructure, Seyed Abolfazl Kashfi, Director of Region-2, Amin Khabiri, head of urban development and landscape reconstruction, and Rasooli, Director of TV Organization, the first phase of organizing Marker Park as a comprehensive plan, prepared by the consultant, went into the working schedule of the City. With more than 35 hectares, Marker Park is located in Region-2 of the municipality of Yazd.

Pashootan Ji Dusabhai was a Persian merchant who lived in India and dedicated his property to provide welfare amenities and educational facilities to Iranian Zoroastrians and Iranians. Many of his charitable donations can be seen in the cities of Yazd, Kerman, and Tehran. He saved money in his personal life to benefit his compatriots in Iran. This nobleman used all his wealth to finance development plans in Iran.

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