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Yasna Behmardi won the first place of pole jumping in Tehran province

Yasna Behmardi, a young Zoroastrian athlete, won first place in pole jumping in the track and field races of Tehran province.

Yasna Behmardi won first place in pole jumping in the track and field races of Tehran province, with a record of 90.2 meters. On Thursday, June 10, 2021, these competitions were held at Tehran’s Aftab-e Enghelab Sports Complex.

Yasna Behmardi is the daughter of Firoozeh Mavandadi and Ardeshir Behmardi Kalantari, born on July 5, 2004, in Tehran. She has been involved in sports since the age of six. This young athlete has second place in the country in aerobic gymnastics, third place in the championship games of Tehran province in gymnastics, third place in gymnastics in the championship games of Tehran province, and has 18 gold, silver and bronze medals in various fields of gymnastics. Yasna also started training for pole jumping in the past 6 months and, having excellent physical fitness, was also able to win first place in Tehran province.

Yasna is also good at playing Daf (tambourine).  Last year, in Daf solo she won the first place in the culture and arts competitions of the 6th district (educational district) of Tehran province. Since the age of eight, she was acquainted with the art of music and learned to play the Daf by participating in the classes of Farvahar Organization. She collaborates with the Forouzan group and has performed with this group in Vahdat Hall and Milad Tower.

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