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A gift by Rasti calendar on occasion of 10th Tir

Tiryasht prayer video clip; Happy Tirgan

Tirgan festival is one of the oldest Iranian festivals. In the Avestan calendar, every day of the 30-days month was called after one of the Izads. The people celebrated, each month, the day which name coincided with the name of the month.  For example, the 13th day of each month (Zoroastrian calendar) is named Tir (Tishtar). The day named Tir in the month of Tir (5th month of the year), falling on 13th of the month in the Avestan calendar, is celebrated and called Tirgan.

Tirgan festival is one of the twelve festivals and one of the moth important of Iranian festivals. Another name for the Izad Tir is “Tishtar,” and one of the Avesta Yashts is Tishtar Yasht, one of Ahura Mazda’s attributes. Tishtar Izad, at the request of Ahura Mazda and with the help of the Minoyan powers, overcame drought and rain poured on the fields and pastures. Tirgan is also called Abrizgan or Abrizan celebration.

Arash, the bravest hero in the city, sacrificed his life to save Iran

His epic and passionate soul was thrown to the East with the arrow of destiny

In Tishtar Yasht, Arash is named the best Aryan archer. Iranians also commemorate Arash’s shooting the arrow and his sacrifice for guarding Iranian borders. Arash is aware of love in the world and knows that he will be sacrificed. Arash Kamangir puts his life in the arrow and expands the borders of Iran. Zoroastrians commemorate the archery of “Arash Shivatir” and happily wear the 7-color bracelet called “arrow and wind”, on their wrists to celebrate Tirgan and commemorate Arash’s bravery, and do not forget the arrow that liberated Iran and brought joy for Iranians.

Iranian culture is full of celebrations and ceremonies that are held on various occasions, in different seasons. What is seen in most of these celebrations is their joy, solidarity, and giving. Living joyfully was very important for the people of ancient Iran. Celebration and happiness have been the manifestation of the glory of life. One of the prominent and promising celebrations that our ancestors held with special joy is the celebration of Tirgan.

Greetings to all Iranians on occasion of the national festival “Tirgan”, the ancient celebration of our ancestors.  May their lives be full of love for their land.  To commemorate this day, Rasti Calendar, the first published calendar of Iranian Zoroastrians, presents the “Tiryasht Prayer” to Iranians and the world. May your love for each other become more and more.

it is time to celebrate Tirgan:  Tir day, the 13th day of the month of Tishtar of Zoroastrian calendar, equal to 10th of Tir.  Tirgan was one of the most important festivals in ancient Iran.  During the reign of Manuchehr shah of P:ishdadi dynasty, when Afrasiab of Turanian dynasty defeated Manuchehr Shah, both sides sought a treat, and the agreement was made to shoot an arrow from the top of Mount damavand, and where the arrow landed would be determined as the border of Iran and Turan.

Arash, the young and brave hero of Iran, laid his life on the bow and expanded the Iranian border. A celebration was arranged for the sacrifice of this agreat hero and also for the establishment of peace. According to other sources, during the Sassanids and the reign of Firouz, seven years of drought occurred in Iran, and people were forced to turn to the plains and deserts and prayed to God for rain. After a while, it rained, and the Iranians held a big celebration on such a day. Zoroastrians still celebrate on such a day and spray water on each other to get rid of drought, so the name of the Tirgan festival is the festival of Abrizan.

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