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Published in Amordad issue 441

All the Arash’s in Iran

It is not an unattainable dream if we wish that the statues of Arash Kamangir would rise in all corners of Iran and that the children and teenagers of our land would become not familiar with him and his amazing story. Don’t we want the children of Iran to learn to take care of their homeland and do everything for their country? Don’t we want them to honor the history of their ancestors? If not, there is nothing left to say. But, if so, who is more worthy and greater than Arash Kamangir?  The one who put his life in a single arrow, an arrow that alone did the job of hundreds of thousands of swords.  But, alas, Arash is not revered as he should.

An example of this is his statues, which, if we count them throughout Iran, do not even reach the fingers of two hands. Such a vast land and so insignificant is the remembrance of Arash.  Is it not ingratitude and disregard for our national identity?  Undoubtedly, and there is lots to say here.  Nevertheless, it is encouraging to mention these few sculptures scattered in a few places.

One of the most beautiful sculptures of Arash is located in the Saadabad Museum Palace in the capital. Hassan Arzhangnezhad made this statue, and its make dates back to the seventies.  Arzhangnezhad came from an art loving family, and built this sculpture in just four months.  Its height is 7 meters and is placed on a pedestal with a height of 1.7 m. It is made of hard composite material. The sculpture made by Arzhangnezhad shows Arash Shivatir drawing his bow with the utmost strength he can put in it and is ready to shoot. In front of the tomb of our great poet Ferdowsi, the statue of Arash Kamangir is displayed among other sculptures. Although the story of Arash is not mentioned in the Shahnameh, it is quite appropriate to place his statue next to Ferdowsi’s tomb, because he is indeed one of the most famous heroes of Iran’s history. This sculpture is the work of a young Iranian artist, Esmail Razaghi Asl.

The people of Sari once took great pride in having a statue of Arash and the rebellious horses that led him to his final battle and thought Arash to have been born in Sari.

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