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Pridokht Mavandad, the wife of Arbab Mehraban Zartoshti, passed away

Pridokht Rostam Mavandad, the wife of late Arbab Mobed Mehraban Zartoshti, who was a philanthropist, activist and a great mobed, passed away.

The late Paridokht Mavandad died on the day of Shahrivar Amshaspand and the month of Tir of the Zoroastrian calendar equal to 1st of Tir, 1400 in San Francisco Diego, USA, far from her homeland and birthplace. For this deceased the “porseh” ceremony is held on zoom application.

Her father was the late mobed Rostam Mavandad, one of the famous and benevolent mobeds of Yazd. In 1324 SH, Pridokht Mavandad married Arbab Mehraban Zartoshti, one of the prominent merchants. They were in Iran for a few months and then went to Mumbai to continue the wife’s business. The independence of India and the new restrictions on the export market made her move to New York with her husband in 1327 SH. After three years of working there, their first two daughters, Homa and Vida, were born. Later, Arbab Fereydoun, the elder brother of Arbab Mehraban convinced his brother to return to Iran to be part of the economic flourishing in his homeland.

Upon returning to Iran, the Zartoshti brothers expanded their business and made industrial plastic products and leather in the new automobile industry in Iran. At this time, Mehrabanoo, the third and last child of Mehraban and Pridokht, was born. After the revolution, Arbab Mehraban left his motherland with his family, spent a few years in London, and then moved to Vancouver, Canada. They all moved to San Diego when the whole family reunited in Southern California. Arbab mobed Mehraban Zartoshit passed away in San Diego, USA, on Tir 16, 1391 solar. He had three daughters, Homa, Vida, Mehrabanoo, four grandchildren named Anahita, Vishtasb, Viraf, Shirin, and three great-grandchildren called Nikki, Kiana, and Sirus.

Brothers of late Paridokht Mavandad were late Fariborz Mavandad, lawyer and the first trained Iranian pilot and a famous merchant and benefactor who supported Zoroastrians and Iranians living in Germany, and late Dr.Manouchehr Mavandad, surgeon and Founder of Arad Hospital in Iran. Her sisters are

“Homayoun,” Keikhosrow Yegangi’s wife, and “Iran,” Rostam Kianian’s wife.

The building of the zoroastrian senior home in yazd, Zoroastrian House of Culture and Art, Reconstruction of Markar Orphanage in Yazd, Mobeds Association, Religious Classes, Aid Institute of Mehravaran Yasna Kavir Yazd, and Purochista senior home, Zoroastrian Home in Isfahan, Zoroastrian Brothers Hall in London, and zoroastrian prayer hall in the US, are some of the charitibale deeds of late Arbab Mehraban, and Arbab Fereydoun Zartoshti for the Zoroastrian community.

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