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Chista Nikzad wins second place in the national “Healthy Adolescent Festival”

Chista Nikzad, a Zoroastrian teenager, earned another honor for herself by becoming second in the short story film field.

The Health Adolescent Festival is held every year to prevent high-risk behaviors and promote healthy lifestyles. Chista Nikzad won second place at national level, in the ninth Healthy adolescent Festival in the 98-99 academic year in the field of short story films. By winning the 3rd rank in the provincial contests, in the educational district No. 2 of Shiraz.

Chista Nikzad, a high school student of Dr. Moatari High School is also known as one of the winners of “Glove” puppet show and “narration” show, and narration in the cultural-artistic festival of the 99-98 academic year. The young artist won first place at provincial level, in the Glove puppet show.  In the narration show of the cultural and artistic competitions, she won third place from among Shiraz schools.

Chista Nikzad is the daughter of Kambiz Nikzad and Dr Katayun Namiranian, two prominent members of the Zoroastrian community. The titles of the first provincial place in the field of short fiction, the first place in the reading of cultural and artistic competitions, the second regional place in the field of narration, the first place in the literary theater section of Shiraz-Shenasi festival, the judge of the children’s virtual festival and Shahnameh “Bamdad Tehran.” Shahnameh, winning the award of appreciation of the second literary works and artistic festival, “Literary Evening”, can be included in the arts record of Chista Nikzad. Chista Nikzad, a ninth-grade student at Dr. Moatari High School, began learning literature very early, in her childhood. She has already been selected in several literary festivals.

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