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National registration of a Zoroastrian historical house in Bafgh, Yazd

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A Zoroastrian historical house with Zoroastrian architecture in Bafgh city of Yazd has been registered in the national list of monuments of historic/cultural value.

The director of the Cultural Heritage Organization of Bafgh city, Yazd province, announced the national registration of Faghihi historic house as an example of co-existence of zoroastrians and Muslims in this city. Leyli ranjbar, director of the Cultural Heritage of Bafgh city in Yazd province, spoke about the architectural values of this historical monument: “The Faghihi house is one of the important historical monuments of Bafgh and one of the few buildings that have been left with a 150-year history of the coexistence of Zoroastrians and Muslims in Bafgh.”

She added:  the structure’s style represents a typical Zoroastrian house that has been built in an area of 186 meters, in the central-courtyard style, and with all the features of Zoroastrian architecture.”

Head of the Cultural Heritage Organization of Bafgh added: “This house has been owned by the late “Seyyed Ashraf Faghihi Bafghi” in recent decades, which in 2019 was sold by his heirs to the Bafgh Studies Center.”

Stating that the Faghihi house is currently being renovated, the director of Bafgh Cultural Heritage said: “The restoration of this house will help expand the city’s cultural infrastructure.”

Faghihi House is located in Khan Square and in the Howz-e Baz area, and registered as a structure with historic/cultural value, on January 10, 2021, with registration number 248.

Report obtained from ISNA / Yazd, citing the public relations of Bafgh Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Department

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