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Today is the 26th of Khordad, Zamiad Izad Day, and 28th of the Zoroastrian Calendar

Commemoration of the father of modern pharmacy in Iran, Abbas Shafiei, on his death anniversary

Today is the holy day of Zamyad Izad, the 3rd day of group prayers in the holy shrine of Pir-e-Sabz, Chak Chak, the 28th of Khordad of the year 3759 of Zoroastrian calendar, Wednesday, 26th of Khordad of 1400 official solar calendar, and June 16, 2021 AD.

26th Khordad is the death anniversary of Abbas Shafiei, pharmacist, chemist, a prominent professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Tehran University of medical Sciences, a memorable figure in the country’s pharmacy and chemistry science and the father of modern pharmacy of Iran. 

Shafiei was born on October 21, 1937, in Tehran, studied at Taraghi Elementary School, Badr High School, and Dar al-Fonun High School. In 1957, he entered the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Tehran, and in 1962, he received a doctorate in pharmacy. Later, he went to the United States for postgraduate studies and received a master’s degree in chemistry and a doctorate in pharmaceutical sciences from Columbia University. Finally, in 1968, he received a doctorate in chemistry from the University of Chicago.

After graduation, he returned to Iran, and in 1970 was hired in the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Tehran, and began teaching and research.

He was a professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, former head of the Faculty of Pharmacy (from 1986 to 2009), and director of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Center (since 2003).

After the start of chemical attacks in Iraq, he studied and tested these chemical gases and neutralized them during the Iran-Iraq war.

Dr Shafiei received numerous awards and scientific titles, including the following:

  1. Winner of the first prize for research projects from the Ministry of Science Research and Technology for several consecutive years.
  2. Second-degree medal of research 1977
  3.  The second degree of culture in 1977
  4.  Winner of the first research award in 1987
  5. Exemplary Professor, University of Tehran, 1989
  6. Prominent pharmacist 1989
  7. Winner of the first prize for the best article in the Chemistry Congress of Shahid Beheshti University in 1990
  8. Winner of the Exemplary Professor Award of the University of Medical Sciences in 1993
  9. The prominent chemist of 1995
  10. Received an award for writing a book on chromatography and spectroscopy
  11. Winner of the first prize of the 1995 book for Chromatography and Spectroscopy from the Ministry of Guidance and Books Elected Deputy Minister of Research, Ministry of Health and Medical Education
  12. Winner of the first prize of Razi Festival, 1997
  13. Received an honorary doctorate in science from Colombo University – Sri Lanka, 1998
  14. Adviser to the World Health Organization on the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use of Chemical Weapons (1998-2004)
  15. Winner of the Selected Book Award of the University of Tehran, 1998 “Pharmaceutical Chemistry”
  16. Second-degree award of 1990 research.
  17. Winner of Iran’s Book of the Year Awards, 1999 “For Translation of Pharmaceutical Chemistry”
  18. Permanent Member of Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences, 1990
  19.  He was selected as a pioneer of medicinal chemistry “by the Ministry of Health” 2005.
  20. Winner of the first prize of Razi Festival in 2005
  21. Winner of the first prize of Razi Festival in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2011
  22.  Allameh Tabatabai Award of the National Elite Foundation “as a distinguished professor and researcher,” 2011
  23. Winner of Alborz Foundation Prize, 2014

He was selected as a memorable figure in medical science in the fourth conference of prominent figures in 2004 due to his scientific efforts.

Education of Prof. Abbas Shafiei:

  • Ph.D. in Pharmacy, University of Tehran, 1962
  • Master of Science (M.S.) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Columbia University – USA 1965
  • Ph.D. in Columbia University, USA 1968
  • Postdoctoral fellow in Chemistry – University of Chicago 1969
  • Alexander von Humboldt Scholarship, Department of Chemistry, University of Hanover 1972 to June 1973 – Visiting Professor at the French Research Center (Collaboration with Prof. Poutier – June 1973 to November 1973) Visiting Professor at the University of Constance in collaboration with Prof. Schmidt

Dr. Abbas Shafiei passed away on June 14, 2016, at the age of 79 in Tehran.

Zamyad means earth.  The earth is the source of all aspects of creation meant for a better living for the creatures that live on it.  They say, it is beneficial to plant trees, plant seeds and make the environment green.

Zamiad Day is the 28th day of the month in the Zoroastrian calendar attributed to this Izad. Zamiad (Zam, Zamin + Yazad) or Zamiad is the name of the guardian of the earth, which is mentioned in the adjective of good deeds. Therefore, Izad of Zamiad (earth) is considered separately or with Izad of Aseman (sky). This is because the earth symbolizes the mother of humans and other living beings, so it is praiseworthy and holy. Therefore, in the teachings of Zoroastrianism, it is highly recommended to keep it clean and good. Izad Zamiad is one of the colleagues of Amordad.

The symbol of Zamyad is the plant called Banoo Spargham or basil.

به نوشتار امتیاز بدهید.
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