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Giti Sassanpour passed the Tehran Talented school exam

Giti Sassanpour, a Zoroastrian student, was admitted to the talented high school after passing the entrance exam.  Results of the entrance exam of the astute students in the academic year 1400-1401 going from sixth to the seventh grade, were announced, and Giti Sassanpour succeeded in entering the Farzaneh High School for the talented students in the 7th district of Tehran.

Giti, the daughter of Linda Rashidi and Dr. Pejman Sasanpour, born in 2011, has completed her primary education in Geiv elementary school.  She was accepted as the 6th grade provincial winner of the Jaber Bin Hayan Festival. She also became a Giv Elementary School Student Council member with the highest number of votes from her classmates.  She is also very good in sports and in the field of front crawl, breaststroke, and butterfly stroke; she won first place in the championship competitions of Tehran Region 6 schools in 1397-98.

Amordad website aims to introduce Zoroastrian students who have been successful in the entrance exams of talented students going from grade 6 to 7 and from 9 to 10. In this regard, the families and friends of the accepted students are requested to send an e-mail to or via WhatsApp and Telegram Amordad 09198040593 by writing the name, rank, and ways of communication with them.

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