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Members of the executive board were selected

Members in the executive affairs of Great Adorian, Tehran, Osoun Garden and Marker Tehranpars conference hall, all three affiliated to Tehran Zoroastrian were introduced.

Following the advertisement of Tehran Zoroastrian Association and the invitation for Zoroastrians to participate in the managing of the executive affairs of entities affiliated to the Association, members of the board of directors of the Association had a meeting with the candidates, distributed the work agenda among them and got to know their work background, experiences and skills and their proposed programs.  Finally, for each of the entities five from among the candidates were selected.

The members selected by the board of directors of the Zoroastrian Association of Tehran for the following three sets the names are as follows:

Great Adrian of Tehran (Yousefabad)

  1. Dadbeh Orangi
  2. Behrouz Jamshidian Mobarakeh
  3. Farzad Khodadi Sharifabad
  4. Shahram Khosraviani
  5. Rostam Mehrabani

Osoun Garden

  1. Shervin Darabian
  2. Manouchehr Demehri
  3. Siavash Sasani
  4. Shahrokh Salamati
  5. Farokh Noush

Tehran Marker Complex

  1. Sohrab Jamshidi
  2. Kiandokht Khosraviani
  3. Khashayar Khorshidian
  4. Parisa Zerehpoush
  5. Arian Sardar

The members of the executive board are maximum in number, who are selected from among the candidates for a period of two years and a letter of appointment will be issued by the Association in this respect.  Also, an inspector will be selected by the Association for necessary coordination and communication between the Association and the members. In many cases, the executive committee is independent in the scope of its duties. But, in cases such as major purchases, such as major purchases, general construction operations, and repairs, or determining the type and tax of services to be provided, it must be approved by the board.

The purpose for establishing executive committees is to make the best use of the capacities of these complexes by increasing and organizing their facilities and services plus efficient management.

The most important duties of the executive boards are planning, organizational management and observing the presence of people and their use of facilities, providing and developing facilities and requirements by calling for help or earning money by providing services, maintaining and organizing buildings, facilities, Available facilities, and equipment, as well as taking necessary measures and interacting and referring to the relevant departments and organizations based on necessity after coordination and obtaining a letter of introduction from the association.

The Association will also provide the executive committee petty cash to cover necessary expenses. Membership in the Executive Board is honorary, and members will not be paid for performing their duties.

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