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Niousha Azarkeyvan Became a Member of the World Committee for the Education of Talented Children

Niousha Azarkeyvan, a young Zoroastrian, was chosen as an international member of the Committee for the Development and Support of the World’s Talented Youth and Children (Mensa) for three years.

Niousha Azarkeyvan is the organizer of the first Mensa test in Iran. This test was conducted under the supervision of the World Association Supervisor in collaboration with the other Professor in 2016, and in 2018 she was an expert in educating children and identifying talents for the Associated European Talent Point and also people with high abilities in Iran.  In the area of identifying and coaching for increasing productivity of gifted children and development empowerment, she has been active for more than 10 years. Mensa is a talented international association that works to identify and bring together people with high IQ and, through designed programs, takes steps to develop and employ the intelligence of the member in the best way.

Niousha Azarkeyvan worked in Seattle, USA, for 6 years in the field of education of children and students and holds a certificate n childhood education.  Regarding the relationship between talent and IQ she says:  “Talent is directly related to the human brain.  Personality, decisions and destiny are all formed in the brain.  People with high potential can exploit the brain cells, such as athletes, scientists, musicians, etc., belong to this group.”

Identifying and finding children’s true talents based on “neuroscience” tests increases their self-confidence. Children with high self-confidence do better in school than other students. They can communicate in the best way with their teachers and accept the education and development methods. Experienced and qualified individuals recognize intelligent and talented children, and they show high post-emergence performance due to their brilliant and fabulous educational abilities.

Azarkeyvan also works with the Karaj Zoroastrian Association as a teacher of religious classes. She continues to talk about ways to find talent abroad and says: “Identifying talent is not just for choosing a job or a field of study because life is not restricted to a job or field of study. Paying attention to skills and abilities, even in a simple matter such as a day off, can make people feel better and more delighted. Talent identification is not a process that has a beginning or an end. Although we consider talent search to be a parent’s concern for our children, it should concern us throughout life.

From 2021 to 2024, members of the Mensa World Committee for the Development and Protection of Children and Youth can use the program for personal development of skills and abilities, which is one of the goals of this term of the Committee for Education of talented Children (Mensa).  Developing the talents of the children with high IQ is an opportunity for prioritizing the talented children’s needs and wants globally, in order to best recognize the children’s abilities.

The Mensa Association was founded in 1946 to bring together intelligent people, regardless of their tendencies, nationality, religion, etc., in order to serve their needs. One of Mensa’s main goals is to identify, strengthen and use human intelligence in humanity’s interests, encourage research on the nature, characteristics, and applications of human intelligence and increase intellectual stimulation by creating a suitable platform for cooperation and partnership between members. Albert Einstein is one of the prominent figures of Mensa and a well-known name for Iranians. But the highest intellectual interest in history has Lucien Lévy-Bruhl, a French philosopher and professor of ethics and sociologist at the Sorbonne. As a young man, he became a full professor and studied many human relations concepts. His ingenious techniques for controlling the primitive human mentality and societies were written in “Les fonctions mentales dans les sociétés inférieures, translated as How Natives Think,” which today is called colonial politics. We can say that the physics phenomena can easily be discovered and experimented but to discover the non-physics intellect is not very easy, therefore many of the world’s geniuses are Mensa graduates in the field of human science.

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