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Shirin Forouzan was accepted in the test for the talented

A Zoroastrian student was accepted in the entrance exam for talented high school students.

As announced in the entrance exam results of the schools for the talented in 1400-1401, for 9th and 10th grades, Shirin Forouzan successfully entered the second high school of Farzanegan Talents in District 6 of Tehran. She has been accepted as the first choice in the field of photographic education of Sampad. Shirin’s interest in learning mathematics and physics motivated her to continue a high school education by choosing a mathematics and and giving up the idea of going to a talented school.

Shirin, the daughter of Shabnam Keshavarzi and eng Kambiz Forouzan, born in 2006, spent her elementary school years in Guiv Elementary School and son a high grade in Jaber Bin Hayan’s project.  In the third grade of elementary school, she became third in Jabr Bin Hayan’s project in the field of “study about Hafez” and “Mind Development”.  In the second elementary year, she did research on herbal medicine and in the fourth year research on recycling, and thus received the Jaber Bin Hayan’s scientific festival certificate of commendation. She spent the first year of high school in Narjes State Model High School and finished the ninth grade with a grade point average of 19.88.

Amordad website will publish the success of Zoroastrian students accepted to the Talent Test in grades six through seven and ninth through tenth. In this regard, the families and friends of the accepted students are requested to send an e-mail to or via WhatsApp and Telegram Amordad 09198040593 by writing the name, rank, and ways of communication with them.

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