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Parnia Parandeh was accepted in the test for the talented

Parnia Parandeh, a Zoroastrian student, was accepted in the talented students’ exam and thus was admitted in the high school for talented students.

The results of the entrance exams of talented students’ schools, 1400-1401 academic year, for going into the 7th grade, Parnia Parandeh succeeded in getting admission to the first grade high school for talented students, by the name of Dr Shahi of Yazd.

Parnia is the daughter of Parvaneh Belivan and Behrooz Parandeh, born in November 2008, and lives in Yazd.  She completed her primary education in the Fatemeh Al-Zahra private school.

Amordad website will publish the success of Zoroastrian students accepted to the Talent Test in grades six through seven and ninth through tenth. In this regard, the families and friends of the accepted students are requested to send an e-mail to [email protected] or via WhatsApp and Telegram Amordad 09198040593 by writing the name, rank, and ways of communication with them.

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